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Historic Preservation in Washington County, Mississippi

In order to “preserve, enhance, and perpetuate those aspects of the county having historical, cultural, architectural, and archaeological merit,” the Washington County Board of Supervisors adopted a historic preservation ordinance on August 4, 2008, followed by the City of Greenville on August 5th, 2008.

The ordinance is designed to:

  • Preserve the community’s identity and preserve the county's historic character
  • Promote harmonious growth in relationship to historic properties
  • Strengthen the county's pride and awareness of its historic assets
  • Stabilize property values and encourage investment in historical areas
  • Capture the benefits of tourism and economic development.

The Joint Greenville/Washington County Historic Preservation Commission was established by the Preservation Ordinance. 9 volunteers, 5 from the city of Greenville and 4 from the county to serve a 3 year term of office. They are charged with the enforcement of the ordinance, initiating local designation and design review, public education and awareness, and preservation planning and research.

Once a Historic District is designated, the property owners enjoy the advantages of increased economic value and a built environment protected from unsympathetic changes. The Commission protects the rights and investments of property owners and business establishments through the design review process. By preserving and maintaining visual character, the Commission ensures that citizens and visitors alike will enjoy the benefits of Washington County’s historic built environment.

The Commission meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Washington County Board of Supervisors room in the county courthouse at 6PM. The public is encouraged to attend. The minutes of those meetings are at the Chancery Clerks Office, City Hall and Public Library for inspection.

Meet the Commissioners

  • Front row, left to right: Netty Seard, Dell Jones, Jessie Williams, Emmett Smith.
  • Back row, left to right: Walley Morse, Leonard Williams, Barry Piltz and Cary Karlson.
  • Not Pictured: Rebecca Goodman.

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