Minutes – June 9, 2009  
Washington County Courthouse
June 9, 2009

  • 6:00 p.m. meeting called to order by Chairman Melanie Sanders.
  • Recognize guests: Benjy Nelken and Betty Lynn Cameron.
  • New Commissioner, Cindy Ayers, absent due to being out of town.
  • Members present: Melanie Sanders (Chairman), Princella Nowell (Vice Chair), Walley Morse (Sec.), Johnnie Gibson, Dorothy Williams, Dell Jones, Betty Coleman, and Emmett Smith.
  • Minutes from May 12, 2009 read and approved.
Old Business
  1. Finalized plans on who is going to Jackson for training and on what days.
  2. Walley gave an update on Depot. He had talked to Mike Gordon, Supervisors, and Mr. Gordon felt that the county engineer and lawyer could handle what little paper work that would be involved. He also gave update on “Save our History” grant. It had been submitted. The Towboat museum grant was at a standstill, and the Preserve America Program was just about ready to be submitted. Melanie and Princilla signed letters to go out and solicit support for the program.
  3. Melanie gave update on Downtown walk, with Walley supplying pictures of downtown buildings. Also noted that city engineer supplied us with their photo data base of downtown buildings on CD. Walley expressed concerns that waiting for grant to do survey and then get survey scheduled and done would probably be halfway through next year. We needed to try and find an alternate way to speed up that process.

New Business

  1. Discussed El Dorado Arkansas trip on June 20th. Walley and Betty agreed to go with maybe Melanie as back up. Betty Lynn Cameron to notify city council, tourist bureau and other interested parties and see if more could go.
  2. Discussed the Transportation Enhancement grant for downtown and the need to format a plan. Also discussed using block grant money on downtown once plan was in place.
  3. Walley brought up that a “theme” downtown might be considered; since Greenville is most noted for its 1927 flood that maybe restoring downtown to the pre-depression look might fit in well. Historic Lighting is already in place downtown. The variety of building fronts could be easily re-done. Walley also discussed the MDAH Community Heritage Grant for the roof of the County Courthouse. He also discussed using “Zoning Overlays” to achieve desired goals.
  4. Walley noted that he had a computer that he was going to start putting files in for the Commission to use, where it would be accessible to everybody.
  5. Meeting adjourned 7:15 PM until July 14, 2009.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary
  Minutes – June 9, 2009