Minutes – September 8, 2009  
Washington County Courthouse
September 8, 2009

  • 6:00 p.m. meeting called to order by Vice Chair Princella Nowell.
  • Recognize guests: Joice Ann Showah Baldwin
  • Minutes read from meeting August 11, 2009
  • Pricella Nowell noted that “Mt. Helena” is not an antebellum home. Antebellum means that it was built prior to the Civil War (before 1861). Mt. Helena was not.
  • Minutes corrected and passed as corrected.
  • Commissioners present. Princella Nowell, Walley Morse, Dell Jones, Dorothy Williams, Emmett Smith, Betty Coleman. Melanie Sanders, Johnnie Gibson excused. Cindy Ayers absent.
Old Business
  1. IC Railroad Depot still waiting on Hooker Engineers (survey) and Mr. Power (county lawyer)
  2. Preserve America status. More information was requested and sent.
  3. Historic Downtown Greenville survey, waiting on funds.
  4. Downtown Hollandale survey, proposed Hollandale Downtown Business District, pre-survey done by Dell Jones, Walley Morse, County Supervisor Ernest Holmes, and Mayor of Hollandale. Area agreed on, and waiting for funds. Probably 21 building with an estimated cost of $630.00 to do survey.
  5. Miller Memorial Building. Waiting on information from Bill Gatlin MDAH so we can sit down and do application. Betty Coleman suggested we contact MDAH and see if they would do a workshop up here and teach us how to do the National Register Form so we could help our area do the application. Walley noted that we had the National Register Bulletin to help us already, but hands on approach would help.
  6. Design Guidelines for Historic Districts accepted.
  7. Emmett Smith motioned with Betty Coleman 2nd. Passed.
  8. Walley provided a simple “who we are, what we do” for the commissions approval and will put it in pamphlet form. Everybody agreed it was good.
  9. Discussed the Mississippi Southern Oral History Program with Louis Kyriakoudes. We could apply for a minigrant from the Mississippi Humanities Council due Sept 15, 2009. Emmett, Princella, Betty all agreed to be part of the program and Walley agreed to apply for the grant. Mississippi Southern to provide necessary assistance.
  10. Nov 6, 2009 date still set for Regional MDAH workshop. Walley had done a short history on Wetherbee House to put in pamphlet form for a hand out. Princella agreed to look over it and make any alterations if necessary.
  11. Lonnie Looper had submitted a proposal for construction of the web site for $800.00. Which would give us ample pages to do everything we proposed to do. Walley will apply for a matching grant from National Trust Preservation Funds (Nancy Tinker) with the understanding we would have matching funds locally, or from MDAH.
  12. Trip to Mt. Helena scheduled for October 7th 2009 (Wednesday) Leave about 10am, tour the home, have lunch in Rolling Fork, return about 2 PM. Walley to co-ordinate with Meg Cooper and having the tour.
  13. Discussed the COA. Since we don’t have a Historic District yet, no need for a COA at this time. Walley assured we could have one in a couple of days.
  14. Joint meeting with civic clubs still set for Nov 19, 2009. Walley discussed his part in the presentation with Princella doing her power point presentation. All commissioners encouraged to attend.
  15. Introduction to Preservation Commission at Percy Library scheduled for Oct 20, 2009 (Tuesday) after the City Council meeting. Betty Coleman agreed to co-ordinate the refreshments. Everyone had input on getting as much exposure as we could from local media, government officials, and civic clubs to assure we would have a good attendance. Walley would co-ordinate this effort.
  16. Historical Resource Survey will be ongoing in the future. Commissioners agreed to keep an outlook for possible buildings, structures, that has historical value in Washington County.

New Business

  1. Dell Jones agreed to look into cost, size, etc on purchasing bronze plaques for Historical Properties. List of suppliers provided from MDAH.
  2. Wetherbee House has no designation of its historical significance, and it was agreed that a Mississippi Marker needs to be placed at that location. Princella suggested we start a public fund at a bank and start soliciting funds to place that marker. Walley agreed to get with Chuck Jordan (Planters Bank, across street from Wetherbee) and get an account set up. It was also noted that we could put in our pamphlet that we were soliciting funds for that marker. It was moved by Dorothy and 2nd by Betty and passed to proceed with that process.
  3. Washington County Board of Supervisors (Planning Dept) was submitting a grant request for the Washington County Courthouse and requested a letter of support from the Commission. Walley would draft that and get that off ASAP.
  4. Noted the David Kent 513 Washington Ave in the Greenville Historic Residential District had sold his house and was downsizing.  He had a number of letters and documents that had significant historical value, and Walley wanted to send him a letter with a request he donate those to the Historical Commission at some point. Everyone agreed.
  5. Emmett also noted that the Rexburg Drainage Ditch Association had a number of documents, maps that they may donate to the commission. Presently we have no storage for those documents, but hopefully soon will.
  6. Meeting adjourned 7:40 PM until October 13, 2009.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – September 8, 2009