Minutes – November 10, 2009  
Washington County Courthouse
November 10, 2009

  • 6:00 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Betty Lynn Cameron, Main Street Greenville, guest.
  • October meeting cancelled due to storm and floods.
  • Those commissioners attending. Melanie Sanders, Princella Nowell, Walley Morse, Dorothy Williams, Emmett Smith.
  • Johnnie Pearl excused. Cindy Ayers, Betty Coleman, Dell Jones absent.
Old Business
  1. IC Railroad Depot. Survey completed and lawyer doing transfer.
  2. Preserve America status completed and Greenville is now a certified Preserve America Community.
  3. Dorothy proposed a meeting with Johnnie Pearl, herself and Walley to move forward with the Miller Memorial proposal for National List of Historic Places.
  4. Commission brochure and Wetherbee House brochure both done and printed by Wesley at Convention and Visitors Bureau.
  5. Oral History grant has been submitted to Mississippi Humanities Council. No word on its status.
  6. Web site grant from National Trust Preservation Funds denied. Walley will search for other grants.
  7. Letters to David Kent, Greenville National Support Group, E.E. Bass read and entered into the records.
  8. County wide survey in progress with photos of objects of historical significance being taken and a file in progress.
  9. Joint Civic Club meeting Nov 19 discussed. Melanie to into, Walley to give short status on what we are doing, Princella to give her Power Point on ‘Blanton Park’.
  10. Wetherbee House historical marker proposal was motioned by Emmett Smith and seconded by Dorothy Williams to move forward with setting up an account at Planters Bank to receive funds for this marker. Melanie Sanders agreed to be responsible for the funds once we achieved the necessary amount. Commission would jointly decide on wording.
  11. Historical bronze markers for historic places were tabled due to Dell Jones not being there.

New Business

  1. Supervisors meeting Sept 21, they agreed to fund $2,500.00 for the commission with the understanding that the city would also contribute $2,500.00.
  2. City Council Meeting October 6, 2009. City Council passed a motion to put the IC Depot in the Commission's name, and also moved to provide funds for the commission for $2,500.00. Ann Hollowell wanted to check with the Board of Supervisors first and the motion was tabled.
  3. Walley presented statement on money spent that was reimbursed to him from county account. $400.00 still in county account that the county wanted to keep in their control.
  4. Walley had deposited $100.00 to establish a checking account for the Commission, purchased checks, and showed a bank statement of $83.50. There is no charge for this account.
  5. Washington County Courthouse alterations continue on the annex. No word from MDAH if letter of intent was ever received.
  6. Walley and Dorothy gave a report on MDAH workshop put on by Bill Gatlin for ‘How to complete the National Register Registration Form’.
  7. Walley reported on new MDAH coordinator. Vicki Myers (vmyers@mdah.state.ms.us) will be our contact person. Also noted that grant proposals will be due Dec 31 2009. Also yearly report due Dec 1st.
  8. Dorothy suggested at the next meeting we establish our goals for next year and their priorities.
  9. Meeting adjourned until December 8th.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – November 10, 2009