Minutes – December 8, 2009  
Washington County Courthouse
December 8, 2009

  • 6:00 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Guests: Nicki Emily Smith, Durenda Dukes, Phil Vazanna
  • Minutes read from November 10, 2009 and amended by Walley Morse to show that Chairman Melanie Sanders has sole responsibility to sign signature card and is responsible for the Commission's account at Planters Bank for the installation of historical markers.
  • Emmett Smith made the motion to accept the minutes as amended and Dorothy Williams seconded, and passed.
  • Commissioners attending: Melanie Sanders, Emmett Smith, Dorothy Williams, Walley Morse, Dell Jones. Johnnie Gibson excused by illness, Princella Nowell excused, Betty Coleman excused, Cindy Ayers absent for more than the 3 times in a row stated in our by-laws.
Old Business
  1. Old IC RR Depot Status. Walley will go before the Board of Supervisors meeting December 21 to give update on Commission and get county lawyer to move forward with transfer of property.
  2. Account has been set up at Planters Bank to accept funds for the Historical Marker Program with the first marker being Wetherbee House.
  3. Goals and grant priorities were discussed and agreed upon.
    1. Historical Resource Survey of Downtown Greenville and Hollandale.
    2. Historical Commission Website.
    3. Oral History Program
    4. Submission of 2 properties to the National Register of Historic Places.
    5. Bronze Plaque program.
    6. Mississippi Landmark signs program.
  4. Dell Jones gave an update on cost of bronze plaques and also marble plaques from Columbus Marble works. The need for more detailed options for uniform signage was noted.
  5. List of people who might be interviewed has been started for the Oral History Project. Walley to look into the implementation timeline of that project.
  6. Miller Memorial application to National Review discussed with the need to move forward with Johnnie Pearl Gibson.
  7. County Wide Survey moving slowly.
  8. GLG report to MDAH has been submitted and recorded.
  9. Emmett Smith gave an update on the Mounds of Washington County Project. He has photographed and marked on county maps some of the mounds and is moving forward with that project.
  10. No word from MDAH of the Mississippi Landmark building alterations.
  11. Walley to go before the City Council Dec. 15, and Board of Supervisors Dec. 21. to seek those funds for the Commission.

New Business

  1. Letter of intent to apply for grants from MDAH to be drafted by Walley Morse and submitted to City Council and Board of Supervisors for their signatures. Due Dec. 31. These are letters of intent, not grant applications. MDAH will advise on what grant application we need to do.
  2. Dorothy brought up that we need to discuss officers for next year and the need to keep the existing officers in place until we achieve a stable commission. It was also noted that some members were not participating and meeting the requirements set forth in our by-laws and we need members who want an active role in preserving our history. Melanie Sanders said she thought she knew a person who would like to be on commission.
  3. Phil Vazanna brought up the point about the E.E. Bass renovation that some work was done before MDAH had a chance to look at the plans. The T-wing had been set for demolition. Also the Bobby Henry Pool needed our consideration.
  4. Meeting Adjourned 7:15 pm until January 12, 2010.
— Minutes by Walley Morse
  Minutes – December 8, 2009