Minutes – January 12, 2010  
Washington County Courthouse
January 12, 2010

  • 6:00 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Guests: Betty Lynn Cameron, Benji Neilken, Wesley Smith, Mary Ann Gannon, Jack Gannon
  • Minutes read from December 8, 2009 and approved.
  • Commissioners in attendance, (everybody there). Melanie Sanders, Emmett Smith, Dorothy Williams, Walley Morse, Dell Jones, Johnnie Gibson, Princella Nowell, Betty Coleman, Cindy Ayers.
Old Business
  1. IC Railroad Depot is in hands of county Attorney Frank Power. Should be just a matter of time before title to Commission is in place. Cindy Ayers made note that we should go ahead and get some insurance quotes as we move forward with our plan. Walley said he would get those for the next meeting. Melanie made the motion that we apply for Mississippi Landmark status on the depot as soon as we got the title. Cindy second, motion passed.
  2. Preserve America Grant due Feb 12, 2011. Walley presented rough draft of the proposed Grant. Grant total $ 32,500. With a large portion of in-kind services. Johnnie Pearl brought up did I think that we could have that much in-kind, and Walley assured her that we could with the help of the City. Wesley Smith and Betty Lynn Cameron were request to write up letters of support for the project. Walley presented a support letter for the officers of the commission to sign.
  3. Oral History Grant from Mississippi Humanities Council. Princella had received the packet with all the paperwork for the grant in it. Mississippi Southern, who we are partnering with for the Oral History program, is suppose to call Walley Thursday (14th) to start the process for them coming up to Greenville and train us in the program. Grant total was $1,500 with a 50/50 match through in kind or cash. It would be too long to wait for MDAH grant to implement the program to provide matching funds. Johnnie Pearl suggested we go back to the “Save our History” grant and re-apply for it considering we will be doing Oral History, which was in the “Save our History” grant. Walley agreed and would look into re-applying for that grant with recent modifications. Daryl Lewis should be contacted and even if we didn’t get the “Save our History” grant why couldn’t we implement the program with the students within our own Oral History Program.
  4. Mississippi Landmark sign program is in place at the Planters Bank and Trust. As we move forward with securing funds hopefully the fund will continue to grow so we can put markers on those Historic sites. Wetherbee House was the first one that we agreed to do.
  5. Funds from the city and county. Walley presented checks for $2,500 from the city and $2,500 from the county, plus the $423.28 that was in the county’s account for the commission. All of which were to be deposited in the Commissions account at Trustmark Bank.
  6. Letters of intent to MDAH. All letters had been sent off and Walley gave a time line on that process of grants and grant awards. It would probably be June or July before we actually got the OK on Grants.

New Business

  1. Election of Officers. Walley read from the by-laws on the procedure of electing new officers and Cindy made the motion to amend the by-laws in Article II. Officers. Section 1 where it states (The chairman’s term of office is limited to consecutive one year terms.) to delete that so all Officers may succeed themselves. Emmett seconded and passed. Cindy then made the motion that the Commission retains the current officers in place and Johnnie Pearl seconded and passed (unanimously). Cindy then explained why she had not been to many meetings because of scheduling issues, and appreciated the commissions understanding and the upcoming year would be much better.
  2. National Trust Preservation Funds Grant that was denied before, Walley had made some adjustments on the grant and re-applied again. This was for the Web site.
  3. A photograph was taken of the Commission with hopes that the DDT would run it, plus a copy would be sent to all of those that showed interest.
  4. We had an open discussion about the Oral History Program and everyone seemed excited to get it going. Mary Ann Gannon, Jack Gannon had input on a lot of our local history.
  5. Cindy brought up that the “Mississippi Delta National Heritage Area" had their first meeting of which she had the honor of being vice-chair on. Next meeting was to be in Stoneville and would advise Walley on the date of that meeting.
  6. Wesley Smith brought up the federal “Scenic Byways” with the stretch of road from Issaquena County to Memphis had been approved but still in the early stages. It would be an opportunity for the Commission to be involved in the Heritage Tourism program.
  7. Meeting Closed until February 9th. 7:35 PM
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – January 12, 2010