Minutes – February 9, 2010  
Washington County Courthouse
February 9, 2010

  • 6:07 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Guests: Dr. Louis Kyriakoudes, Director, Center for Oral History and Culture Heritage, University of Southern Mississippi. Vicky Myers, CLG coordinator, Mississippi Department of Archives and History. Emily Erwin, Delta State University Archives, representing Mississippi Humanities Council.
  • Roll Call of commissioners. In attendance: Melanie Sanders, Princella Nowell, Emmett Smith, Betty Coleman, Dell Jones, Walley Morse. Dorothly Williams excused. Cindy Ayers, Johnnie Gibson absent.
  • Minutes of meeting January 12, looked over and Betty made motion to approve and Dell seconded. Motion passed.
Old Business
  1. IC railroad transfer still in hands of County Attorney Frank Powers. Insurance estimate has to be based on replacement cost. Still canít get into building.
  2. Preserve American Grant. Mayor had signed and has been submitted.
  3. CLG grant due March 1, 2010. Reviewed top 2 priorities and Walley will submit.
  4. March 9th 2010 Kiwanis Club at Country Club (noon) meeting. Dr. Luther Brown (Delta State) and Walley will present the Oral History program. Melanie said she would make sure WXVT would be there.
  5. Walley requested motion to authorize him to purchase whatever is necessary to implement the Oral History Grant. Emmett made the motion, Betty seconded, passed.
  6. Commissioners viewed Bank Statement.
  7. Walley is moving forward with the National Register of Historic Places applications for 1. Miller Memorial Bldg 2. Washington County Courthouse 3. Armitage Hershell Carousel. We will co-ordinate with Eugene (822-1933) on taking a tour of the courthouse including upstairs in the archives.
  8. Emmett Smith presented more pictures of existing mounds for our Washington County Survey.

New Business

  1. Dell Jones brought us up to speed on the efforts to move Bluesman Sam Chatmon (Jan 10 1897-Feb 2 1983) home in Hollandale to the Blue Front District across the railroad tracks. A Blues marker had been placed at the site. We all agreed we need to help in that effort. Walley suggested he contact Dr. Luther Brown to see what help we could do.
  2. Dr. Kyriakoudes conducted a work shop on how to do the Oral History Program, complete with their equipment. It was noted by Emily Erwin (DSU) that their Oral History Program had a lot of interviews including some on the German POW camps located in Washington County that would be of interest to the commission. It was also discussed on what we do with all the memorabilia that we might collect, that it would become property of Mississippi Southern. Dr. Kyriakoudes gave us all the necessary release forms, gift forms and instructed us on how to do editing of the digital recording. He also requested that once we had our own equipment to return his to Hattiesburg so they could give it to somebody else. Everybody also agreed that the Video recording of peopleís life stories was a good idea and sell those personal stories for a nominal fee so they could pass those video stories to their families and friends.
  3. Emmett noted that it looked like they were going to tear down an old house is lower Washington County at the conjunction of Black Bayou and the Main Canal on Woods Sawmill road . All agreed to try and document the proceeding. Emmett noted that the Corps of Engineers would move the house if somebody wanted it. Walley and Emmett to investigate further.
  4. Meeting adjourned until March 9th 2010. 8:15 PM.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – February 9, 2010