Minutes – March 9, 2010  
Washington County Courthouse
March 9, 2010

  • 6:07 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Guests; Phil Vazanna, Daryl Lewis (Riverside High School History Teacher)
  • Roll Call; In attendance: Melanie Sanders, Princella Nowell, Emmett Smith, Dell Jones, Walley Morse. Cindy Ayers and Dorothy Williams excused, Betty Coleman and Johnnie Gibson absent.
  • Minutes of meeting February 9, 2010 read and approved as read.
Old Business
  1. IC Depot still in the hands of county attorney Frank Power. No action can be taken until the deed is done.
  2. Preserve America Grant. Funding for 2010 has not taken place. Probably won’t get the grant.
  3. Kiwanis Club meeting Tuesday March 9, 2010. Dr. Luther Brown (DSU) came down and gave a brief overview of the Mississippi Humanities Council and Walley gave an introduction to the Commissions Oral History Program.
  4. Oral History Project. Walley presented the video camera, tri-pod, digital recorder and microphone that the commission had purchased using grant funds. Princella signed the necessary documents as project director to be reimbursed by the Humanities Council. Everything is in place to move forward. Walley asked permission to return the equipment on loan from Mississippi Southern University to them, all agreed. We will have a practice interview where we all can get familiar with the equipment before we start interviewing.
  5. House on Black Bayou. Emmett made a report that the house was torn down before he could even take a picture of it.
  6. No word on the CLG grants yet.
  7. Dell Jones made the motion to go ahead and contact MDAH and Nancy Bell (Vicksburg Foundation for Historic Preservation) to schedule a Historic Resource Survey so we can see about making a Historic District in downtown Hollandale. 2nd by Emmett Smith and passed. Estimated cost of $600 to $800. Walley said he would work with MS Bell to help reduce the cost and learn more about doing a survey in preparation of the resource survey of downtown Greenville.

New Business

  1. Walley reported on his visit with the Cleveland Heritage Preservation Commission. He felt that our commission was on tract considering the lack of funding from Government sources. Most Commissions are funded on an annual basis.
  2. May 2010 is Historic Preservation Month. Using the “This Place Matters” theme it was discussed taking the “Wells Home” that is being redone on South Main Street and conduct a tour of the home to show what can be done to restore an old home instead of tearing it down. Walley said he would contact the owners and do some research on the house.
  3. Preserve America “Save America Treasures Grant”. Washington County Courthouse will be used in our efforts on the ‘Treasures Grant’. Federal funding may be a problem, but the need to get all the information together for submission to the National Register of Historic Places will work with the application to the grant.
  4. Entergy Grant has been applied for. The grant would cover the Riverside High School involvement with the Oral History Program in the fall of 2010 through March 2011. Daryl Lewis (Riverside High School History Teacher) agreed to get students involved with taking Oral History under the supervision of Preservation Commissioners. He would make sure that it would be OK with the school.
  5. Greenville National Support Group will have a meeting March 16, 2010 at the CVB on Walnut Street. Walley will show the plan for a Black Museum for Belmont Plantation. Everyone is invited.
  6. Meeting adjourned 6:55 PM until April 13, 2010.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – March 9, 2010