Minutes – April 13, 2010  
Washington County Courthouse
April 13, 2010

  • 6:06 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Guests; None
  • Roll Call: In attendance: Melanie Sanders, Emmett Smith, Dell Jones, Walley Morse, Cindy Ayers, Dorothy Williams, Betty Coleman. Princella Nowell excused. Johnnie Gibson absent.
  • Minutes of March 9, 2010 read and approved.
Old Business
  1. IC Depot deed finally done by Frank Power, county attorney, now in hands of Genesee & Wyoming, INC for their signature.
  2. Received notice from Preserve America they received our Grant Application. Grants will be awarded Summer 2010
  3. MDAH CLG grants to be awarded April 21, 2010 followed by grant packets on what grants they will fund.
  4. Discussion on Oral History Program. Agreed that we need to try and do 3 a week. List of names passed around and motioned by Cindy to charge $25.00 for the DVD of the interview, seconded by Betty and passed. Mississippi Southern to provide transcripts of the interview. We will keep a downloaded version in our digital archives, and post snippets of interviews on our future website. Cindy offered her business at 308 Washington Ave (next to the Palace Barber Shop) if a location was needed to conduct an interview. Phone number 335-9242, name of business is Footprint 2-10 LLC.
  5. Bank statement reviewed showing balance of $5, 534.12 resulting from a reimbursement check from Mississippi Humanities Council of $558.46. Discussion on our Mississippi Landmark Plaques program set up at Planters Bank that needed funding. Betty made the motion of transferring $100.00 into that account with Emmett 2nd. Motion passed. Discussion on how to get that program moving forward with Main Street Greenville’s help.
  6. Workable CD’s have been set up with both Miller Memorial and County Courthouse. Walley provided pictures of the Courthouse before the tower was removed and other alterations were done, and after. More information on the history of the courthouse was needed. Dorothy agreed to work with Johnnie Gibson and get the Miller Memorial application going also.
  7. 7. May 2010 Historic Preservation Month. Walley had contacted owner of the old Wells Home (Anthony Staples) that was built in 1917 on the possibility of using the home as an example of what can be done to an old home instead of tearing it down. After much discussion it was agreed that during the month of May we need to have a picture in the Sunday ‘accent’ section of the DDT a picture of an old home/building that needs to be preserved, county wide. Photos from Leland, Arcola, Metcalfe, Hollandale if possible. Walley will contact the editor of the DDT. Hopefully the Wells home will be ready for the possibility of an open house, Betty and Walley to work with Mr. Staples on that event.
  8. Entergy grant is open, no response yet.
  9. Nancy Bell (Vicksburg Foundation) had been contacted and she gave an estimate of $2,000 to do the 21 buildings in Hollandale. Since no grant funds were available yet, it was agreed to reevaluate our plan to survey Hollandale. MDAH had stressed that a contract needed to be done before any survey done. MDAH would provide that service.
  10. Preserve American sign was shown and discussion on its placement. It was agreed that the sign be placed on the southern entrance to Greenville on Highway 1 by the Higher Education Building. Lorenzo Anderson, city engineer, had to get permission from MDOT before any signs are posted. Once the new by-pass was in the place it was felt that this would be the main entrance to Greenville. Hopefully a larger Welcome to Greenville sign would be done with all civic clubs, mainstreet Greenville, Preserve America, and other signs all on one sign. Walley said he would look into what is being done by the city.
  11. ‘Save America’s Treasure’s Grant due May 21st. Leonard Williams, county planning director, is doing the grant for the County Courthouse. Maximum amount awarded is $700,000. Walley had agreed to help him with the grant, using the speech by Leroy Percy in 1922 as the event of major significance for the courthouse.

New Business

  1. National Alliance of Preservation Commissions had given 6 months free membership for completing an online survey.
  2. Plaque on newspaper article about Depot examined. No cost involved.
  3. Princella Nowell recognized at new President of Mississippi Historical Society. All agreed to become members of that Society as support for Princella at a nominal cost of $25.00 a year.
  4. April 22, 2010 is opening of the new and improved Riverboat Welcome Center with exhibits from Benjy Nelken. All agreed to make the 10: AM ribbon cutting in support of the CVB and City Museum.
  5. Mississippi Heritage Trust is having their conference in Natchez May 6-7th. Everyone had received the e-mail notice.
  6. Meeting adjourned until May 11th, 2010. 7:17 pm.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – April 13, 2010