Minutes – May 11, 2010  
Washington County Courthouse
May 11, 2010

  • 6:02 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Guests: none
  • Roll Call; in attendance, Princella Nowell, Walley Morse, Johnnie Pearl Gibson, Melanie Sanders, Betty Coleman. Excused Dell Jones, Dorothy Williams, Cindy Ayers, Emmett Smith.
  • Minutes of meeting April 13, 2010 read and approved.
Old Business
  1. IC Depot deed still no word from owners Genesee & Wyoming.
  2. Still no word from Preserve America Grant.
  3. Oral History project moving slowly. Additional software needed to complete full capability of the commission to make and sell DVD’s of interviews. Talked to Linda Van Zandt Mississippi Southern Oral History program about audio part of interview and paperwork submission. Talked to John Coons in Memphis (professional video producer) on what programs necessary to install on Commissions Computer to do a quality job. Met with Lonnie Looper (web site constructor) about posting video snippets (2 minutes) of interviews on proposed web site.
  4. CLG grants. Received notice from MDAH on grants approval. Historic Survey awarded $2,880.00 and web site $720.00 which is 60% of estimated cost.
  5. May Historic Preservation Month. DDT newspaper had run photo and article on ‘Wells’ home that is being refurbished. Photo and article on Wetherbee house had been submitted also to run in the paper next week. Hopefully will have another before the month is over. Betty had met with Wells owner Anthony Staples about holding an open house. Probably still two weeks away from him completing the job.
  6. Entergy Grant. Grant had pushed their deadline back to April 30 from March 31. Elizabeth Brister 601 969 2440 and our tracking number is 90238. Seems to be a good chance of getting grant to fund the Riverside High School involvement in the fall with Daryl Lewis.
  7. Preserve America sign placement. City Engineer is awaiting approval from MDOT to place the sign on the existing “Mainstreet Community” sign on Highway 1 south by the Higher Education Building.
  8. Save American Treasures Grant is being done by Leonard Williams, County Planning department. Walley had researched the Leroy Percy speech and supplied them will the necessary documentation of that event of significance at the courthouse.
  9. Bank Statement shown and gone over. No funds had been spent outside of grant.
  10. Grant application to “Greenville Challenge” had been done for $1750.00 to fund a Mississippi Landmark Plaque at the Wetherbee House. No word on its approval.

New Business

  1. Kings Daughters and Sons Circle Number Two Foundation Grant had been drawn up by Walley for $3,000.00 to cover the matching segment of the MDAH grant. All the necessary documentation had been done and Melanie Sanders signed grant for submission.
  2. MDAH workshops for 2010. Boot camp June 17 – 18 and Advanced Training Registration August 20, 2010. MDAH had changed their policy from no charge on their workshops to a $15.00 charge for the workshop and $10.00 on the other training sessions. Princella said she would try to make the bootcamp and Walley will go to the August 20th workshop, and hopefully sign up some others to go with him.
  3. Walley will go before the Board of Supervisors May 17, 2010 and give an update on the Commission and explain the CLG grants and MOA (memo of understanding) and to the City Council May 18, 2010.
  4. Walley brought up the fact that the old ATTERBURY home in Estill was back in the hands of the Planters Bank. Pictures of the home was shown, and the large property tax owed on the home was discussed.
  5. Walley brought up the idea of organizing a “Downtown Greenville Historic District Preservation Plan” that the commission could present to the community as we got ready to do a survey and establish a Local Downtown Historic District. Everyone was in agreement and Johnnie Pearl made a motion for Walley to construct a rough draft for the commission to look over, Betty 2nd and motion passed.
  6. Melanie brought up the idea of looking into funding from the USDA Rural Development that maybe would help Hollandale in their efforts of preservation.
  7. Meeting adjourned 6:42 (new record) until June 8th, 2010.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – May 11, 2010