Minutes – June 8, 2010  
Washington County Courthouse
June 8, 2010

  • 6:00 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Guests: Luther Johnson (DDT Newspaper), Betty Lynn Cameron (Greenville Main Street)
  • Roll Call: Princella Nowell, Melanie Sanders, Walley Morse, Emmett Smith, Johnnie Pearl Gibson, Dorothy Williams. Betty Coleman absent. Cindy Ayers and Dell Jones excused.
  • Minutes of meeting May 11, 2010 read and approved.
Old Business
  1. IC Depot property finally in the Commissions name and duly recorded at the Washington County Courthouse Deed Book 2511 page 2846 on 5 -20-2010. Some discussion on adopting a new name for the depot and Dorothy Williams made the motion to re-name it Delta Heritage Depot, 2nd by Johnnie Pearl and motioned passed. Discussed Main Street Greenville’s request to use the restroom in the depot the days the Farmers Market is open. (Tues and Sat 8-12) Main Street had agreed to pay the water bill and maintain the restroom. It was brought up about liability and Betty Lynn said they had event insurance just incase. Emmett Smith made to motion to approve the usage and 2nd by Dorothy, motion passed. A short discussion on sales tax in the event at some point there is money making in the depot. The need to establish a sales tax number for the depot at some point was agreed to. The proposal for insurance from SouthGroup was discussed and agreed at this point the depot does not need coverage since we still don’t have the funds or the vision on what it will become and when. Johnnie Pearl brought up the idea of getting the Oxford Depot’s application for Mississippi Landmark status, so we could compare it to ours that we already had sent in. Walley said he would look into it. The leak in the roof was discussed and Emmett said he would help get some estimates on the cost of fixing the leak.
  2. Preserve America Grant, still no word.
  3. MDAH CLG MOA’s had been received and passed on to the Board of Supervisors for President Paul Watson’s signature. Then the MOA’s for the downtown survey and website will go to the Mayor Hudson for her signature. Then back to MDAH for their signature then back to us, and then proceed with the contract process.
  4. Entergy Grant. They will be opened June 11, 2010; will know at the next meeting if we got it.
  5. Preserve America sign. Still waiting on Lorenzo Anderson (city engineer) and MDOT approval. I will call fellow Commissioners on the Photo Opt when the sign is placed.
  6. Save America Treasures Grant; still have not found out if the County Planning Department had sent in the Grant, I had requested a copy of their proposal.
  7. Bank Statement went over the statements, only commission funds not covered by grants were the $80.00 deposit to the Water Department, and $31.49 for new locks at the Depot.
  8. Greenville Challenge grant. Betty Lynn said they had not gone over the grants yet, we brought to her attention at Planters Bank we had set up a separate account just to handle funds for the Historical Markers in Washington County. Any funds the commission gets for Landmark signs will go into this account. Funding opportunities for this effort was discussed. Sam Chatman marker in Hollandale was suggested along with the Wetherbee House as the Commissions first project.
  9. KD Circle grant, June 1st was deadline for applications. Maybe know something before next meeting. Grant proposal was for $3,000, to be used in match for the MDAH grant. Johnnie Pearl brought up that if we did receive that grant so we wouldn’t need to use our seed money that we should consider the Hollandale Survey. We all agreed that the Hollandale survey should still be high on the Commissions list to accomplish.
  10. MDAH Boot Camp June 17-18th. Princella Nowell said she was going to try and make it and would send in the preregistration. Walley said he would make the August meeting and wanted some others to join him.
  11. Miller Memorial Status. Johnny Pearl Gibson brought all her photos and paper work and with the other facts already accumulated, Walley agreed to start compiling that information on the CD disc provided by MDAH for National Register of Historic Places nomination.
  12. Oral History program slowed by additional problems trying to store and make DVD of the interviews. Anne Martin from WXVT has agreed to take the tapes from DV recorder and audit and convert those to DVD for our use. Also take the sound tracts off the tapes and convert those to CD for our use, where we can submit them with the paperwork to Mississippi Southern’s Oral History Program. Emmett Smith agreed to be interviewed this week to try and get the program back on track.

New Business

  1. None.
  2. Meeting adjourned 7:05 and went to Depot to go through the property.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – June 8, 2010