Minutes – July 13, 2010  
Washington County Courthouse
July 13, 2010

  • 6:00 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Guests: Luther Johnson (DDT Newspaper) and Phil Vazanna (Architect)
  • Roll Call: All commissioners present.
  • Minutes of Meeting June 8, 2010 read and approved.
Old Business
  1. Depot application to “Mississippi Landmark” status had passed phase 1, and on to Phase 2.
  2. MOA’s for MDAH grants had been signed by both city/county and returned to MDAH for their signature and return. Next is writing of contracts with MDAH help. Walley will call and see if we can skip contract phase for the web site.
  3. Entergy Grant had been approved for $1,000.00. Should get check within a week. This is to help with our Oral History Program and Riverside High School History Department and Daryl Lewis involvement. Daryl Lewis will probably be at our next meeting August 10th.
  4. Preserve America sign had been approved for temporary placement. Walley will co-ordinate with media and commissioners when placed. Johnnie Pearl wanted to make sure all parties, both city and county be informed.
  5. Bank Statements were presented. Only expenditure was $31.49 for new locks on the depot.
  6. Greenville Challenge grant was not approved. Betty Lynn Cameron had suggested approaching the Banking community for funding for the sign at the Wetherbee House. It was also suggested that we find 17 interested parties that would donate $100.00 for the signs placement. Walley also noted that a new Mississippi landmark sign had been in the paper and he needed to take a picture of it to post on our new website. Dorothy Williams wanted also to go and look at some old cotton gins down in Chatham for cataloging of Historic Sites in Washington County.
  7. Oral History program back on track. Walley and Emily Erwin (Delta State Archives) had interviewed Mildred Dugger. Adobe Premier Elements 8 had been purchased and put in the commission’s computer. Anne Martin had agreed to help Walley in auditing those tape on the commission’s computer so we could archive those interviews.
  8. Miller Memorial application to National Register had slowed again. Still not enough information to complete the application. Walley and Johnnie Pearl will work together to complete.
  9. Preserve America Grant, still no word.
  10. King Daughters and Sons Circle number two grant still no word. Suppose to notify by Aug 1st.

New Business

  1. Depot roof leaking. It has asbestos shingles and contacted Robert Landers (who had some shingles and experience) about repairing roof. He looked twice and decided that he could not do the job. Emmett said he would look further in finding someone to repair the roof. The scrap metal inside the depot was discussed and Emmett made the motion to ‘Get in the Scrap Metal Business’ and sell the scrap for cash. Johnnie Peal 2nd and motion passed. Some discussion on metal roof, and costs factors. Holly Hawkins (Belinda Stewart Architects- Eupora MS) had been contacted and she will be in Greenville August 2, 2010 late morning to look at Depot and give her assessments on what could be done. Simpson Air Conditioning (Bill Boykin 332-2354) had been contracted to look at the depot and give their assessments on installing 2 separate systems for better control in the depot. Had lively discussion on other depots, Clarksdale, Natchez, Terry and the MDOT (Allyson Johnson 601-359-7685) Transportation Enhancement Grant. We have 2883 square feet of space and need a concrete plan on its future.
  2. MDAH training in Jackson August 20, 2010. Walley is going and wanted some others to go also. Need to have reservations in by August 13, 2010. Mississippi History Newsletter was discussed, and noted that members were not receiving the Newsletter, and it had gone to quarterly publication. Walley will get with Chris Goodwin, Editor and make sure the members are on the list.
  3. Having a Delta Heritage Day with Greenville Mainstreet in the spring was discussed. Walley would work with Mainstreet to explore those possibilities.
  4. Emmett Smith had some photos of probably the last remaining working outhouse in Washington County. Wondered if we need to list it on our Historical Resource Survey?
  5. The papers of Washington County MS Historical Society, 1910-1915 papers of Henry Tillinghast Ireys is on a CD and Walley wanted to know if everybody wanted a copy. They did, and he said he would have them at the next meeting.
  6. Phil Vazanna noted that the new bridge would be open for traffic the 28th of the month.
  7. Cindy presented an article in the paper about the Washington County Dixie Youth 12 and under and 10 and under baseball teams had won their North Regional Finals and were the Number 1 seed in Pascagoula and needed the communities financial support.
  8. Meeting adjourned 7:02 until August 10, 2010.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – July 13, 2010