Minutes – August 10, 2010  
Washington County Courthouse
August 10, 2010

  • 6:00 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Guests: Luther Johnson (DDT) and Betty Lynn Cameron (Mainstreet Greenville)
  • Roll Call: Cindy Ayers absent. Everyone else present.
  • Minutes of Meeting July 13, 2010 read and approved as read.
  • Walley Morse presented the commission with a gavel with the inscription: Joint Greenville Washington County Historical Preservation Commission. First meeting January 26, 2009
Old Business
  1. Mississippi Landmark status of Depot. Bill Gatlin and Jennifer Baughn (MDAH) will make a visual inspection of the Depot Tuesday August 24th at approximately 2 PM. The involvement of Holly Hawkins (Belinda Stewart Architects) was put on hold until we secure additional funding.
  2. Downtown Greenville Historic District Survey will begin with Nancy Bell (Vicksburg Foundation) on Thursday August 12, 2010. Commission members will help in that survey. The prospect of adding downtown Hollandale Business District was discussed. Hopefully Ms Bell will do also.
  3. Entergy Grant award of $1,000.00 done today August 10, 2010 at the Entergy Building. This grant to be used in our Oral History Program.
  4. Preserve America sign is up along with the Mainstreet Greenville Sign by the Higher Education Building on Highway 1 south.
  5. Bank Statement presented $57.70 spent from Commission funds, and $168.57 from the Oral History Grant. Showing a balance of $4,337.93.
  6. Oral History program still moving forward. The editing of the tapes still on hold. Betty Lynn Cameron suggested we contact Glenn Miller in Leland who has some experience in editing. Johnnie Pearl will contact Thelma Barnes to do an interview, for more documentation on the Miller Memorial Building.
  7. No word on the Preserve America Grant.
  8. King‘s Daughters and Sons Circle #2 sealed envelope was presented to Chair Melanie Sanders who opened and read where we were awarded $3,000.00 for our Historical Survey Project.
  9. Johnnie Pearl Gibson and Dorothy Williams will accompany Walley Morse in the MDAH training in Jackson on August 20, 2010.
  10. Princella Nowell gave a short history of Henry Tillinghast Ireys and Walley gave everyone a CD copy of the Papers of The Washington Co. MS Historical Society, 1910-1915.
  11. Along with Mainstreet Greenville and Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau plans for a Delta Heritage Day/Levee Break on April 28, 20ll was discussed with a lot of good ideas presented. Princella and other commission members expressed concerns that we not lose our focus on our responsibilities as a commission.
  12. Commission web site www.jgwchpc.com is up and running. Future plans of adding the new Greenville Downtown Local Historic District and photos plus other additions to the web site were discussed. Expenditure goals of $1,200.00 will try to be maintained.

New Business

  1. Doe’s Eat Place has requested our assistance in the application for National Register status. We will do our best with that application.
  2. MDAH GIS computer program discussed with future additions of Local Historic Districts. We have nothing to submit at this time.
  3. MDOT Transportation Enhancement Grant for the Depot was discussed. Walley had contacted Allyson Johnson, Mississippi Department of Transportation (601-359-7685), and funds were available. No time limit on submitting an application. It is an 80/20 re-imbursement grant, which means we would have to partner with the city/county to provide initial funding, or secure funding from credit line at a bank. Still early in the process, Commission needs to establish cost for the project first.
  4. Initial copies of the Downtown Greenville Historic Preservation Plan were handed out. Hopefully the complete plan will be available for inspection at the next meeting September 14, 2010
  5. Washington County List of 10 most endangered sites was discussed, with photo displays at the Public Library and on our web site. Everyone to submit ideas to Walley.
  6. Mount Helena: A Dream Revisited was discussed. Princella had been to the play and strongly recommended it. Their web site www.monthelena.com has complete information.
  7. The John Fox Historical Marker on Highway 82 just as you start on the bridge approach was discussed. The new bridge being open and the old bridge being torn down, Benjy Nelken had suggested we move the sign to the Welcome Center. We were all in agreement with the approval of MDAH.
  8. Mississippi Historical Society had been contacted and some of our members had been dropped from its rolls. Princella Nowell wanted to make a gift to Commission Members of a year’s dues to the Society. The importance of the Societies publications was stressed by Ms Nowell.
  9. Dorothy Williams spoke of her adventure down in the Lake Washington/Lake Jackson area with a visit to the John Oglesby home. They have a 15 passenger tour bus, and they conduct tours in the Lake Washington area. $30.00 each with a 10 person minimum includes lunch. As it gets cooler we all agreed it would be a great trip.
  10. Commission members need to log in to www.misspreservation.com for their daily historic updates on goings on in Preservation Mississippi.
  11. Wesley Smith (CVB) had requested a broad historical overview of Greenville/Washington Co. history, diversity, cultural influences and historic moment of 200-500 words that would be relevant today. Everyone agreed to submit ideas to Walley at
  12. Meeting adjourned 7:28 until September 14, 2010.
— Minutes by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – August 10, 2010