Minutes – October 12, 2010  
Washington County Courthouse
October 12, 2010

  • Tour of Courthouse done at 5 PM with guests and Stacy Childress, researcher who supplied most of the material for the book “Delta Plantations”. He brought a large box of his research to donate to the Commission for their safekeeping.
  • 6:25 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Roll Call of Commissioners: Walley Morse, Emmett Smith, Melanie Sanders, Johnnie Gibson, Dorothy Williams, Dell Jones, Betty Coleman, Princella Nowell. Cindy Ayers excused.
  • Minutes from meeting September 14th read and approved.
Old Business
  1. Melanie Sanders read e-mail from Russell Archer MDAH where on October 8, 2010 MDAH Board of Trustees designated the Depot as a Mississippi Landmark. The leak in the roof was discussed and the need to stabilize the building. Dorothy made a motion and Betty seconded to find a local roof repair company and fix the leak if it was under $1,000. Garcia Roofing was suggested. We first have to get the OK from MDAH since it is now a Mississippi Landmark. Motion passed.
  2. Downtown Survey still moving forward. As soon as she is half done we will write the first check.
  3. Oral History project is complete as far as grants are concern. Lonnie Looper has been paid the $1200.00 which will cover the new Greenville Downtown Historic Business District being on the web site also. Wally will finalize those grants so we can be reimbursed matching funds. Walley read the e-mail from Daryl Lewis, Riverside High history teacher, where he cannot participate in our Oral History Program. He suggested Jane Crawford at Washington School be approached and Princella agreed to do so. Johnnie Pearl also suggested that we look at St. Joseph School also.
  4. Mount Holly nomination to the Mississippi 10 most endangered sites almost complete. Walley had talked to the owner (Matt Wiggins, mayor of Kemah Texas) assistant (281-334-3636) and she didn’t know the owners long range plans, but noted that he was looking for money to put a new roof on the building. Walley informed her of the tax credits available and sent her the necessary information for those credits. As a footnote, Stacy Childress knew of him and a number of properties that he had were all in decline.
  5. 531 South Washington Ave had been supplied with photos, maps, everything that he needed to apply for the 20% Mississippi Income Tax Credits for his redoing his property in the Historic Residential District. Princella noted that there is even a bronze plaque signifying the property is on the National Register on the wall on the front porch.
  6. Bank Statements were reviewed by Commissioners.
  7. Dorothy Williams gave a short recap of the AARP meeting that was attended by about 35 people where Princella gave her power point on old downtown Greenville. Walley reminded everyone at the AARP meeting of our continuing Oral History Program. Johnnie and Dorothy remarked how it seems to spark interest on what was being down to preserve the African American part of town? AARP donated $25.00 to the Commission.
  8. Walley read letter from Department of Interior where we did not get the Preserve America Grant.
  9. Melanie read letter from Entergy where we are getting a one-year complimentary membership to the Mississippi Center for Nonprofits. This gives us access to GrantStation a funding resource for non-profits seeking grants.
  10. The applications to the National Register of Historic Places for those 4 properties, Washington County Courthouse, Doe’s Eat Place, The Armitage Herschell Carousel and the Miller Memorial Building were discussed. Dorothy and Johnnie Pearl agreed to meet with Wally and get the process going on the Miller Memorial nomination Thursday at 1PM at Dorothy’s House. Melanie Sanders agreed to meet with Walley on the Carousel nomination.
  11. The John Fox Marker at the bridge and been removed and stored by the construction company doing the demolition of the bridge. Brad Jones had requested the sign and part of the bridge to put at the Welcome Center. Walley send Brad the OK from MDAH to move the sign, and he was going to MDOT to get their OK.

New Business

  1. The MDAH letter of intent for the grants in the upcoming year is due November 12, 2010. The Commission discussed what grants that we could afford the upcoming year. Keeping in mind we want to hold on to our seed money and apply for matching grants on any project that we undertake. The stabilizing of the Depot with heating and air was mentioned as a top priority. Application to the National Register for the courthouse, and application for an extended downtown National Registered District was discussed. Walley will draw up those letters of intent and make sure they get to MDAH in time.
  2. Stacy Childress had donated a large box of research material he had accumulated and he said he had 3 more like boxes. Pricilla discussed how she could scan those documents and organize them for their best usage. She took the box home to go over.
  3. The New Hope Missionary Baptist Church at Estill clean up had been put on hold until a later date.
  4. The field trip to the Lake Washington area had to be rescheduled. Walley will contact everyone on the new time and date.
  5. Meeting adjourned at 7:25 PM until November 9, 2010.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – October 12, 2010