Minutes – November 9, 2010  
Washington County Courthouse
November 9, 2010

  • 6:00 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Recognize Guest: Durenda Dukes
  • Roll Call of Commissioners. Walley Morse, Emmett Smith, Betty Coleman, Johnnie Gibson, Melanie Sanders, Cindy Ayers, Dell Jones and Dorothy Williams excused. Princella Nowell absent.
  • Minutes from meeting October 12, 2010 read and approved as read.
Old Business
  1. Melanie Sanders read letter from MDAH where the Y & MV Railroad Depot (the old IC Depot) was designated a Mississippi Landmark October 8, 2010 and a letter of Certification had been send to the chancery clerk’s office to record on our deed records. The notice of intent had been sent to MDAH on 10/14/2010 of our intention to fix the small leak in the roof of the depot. In lieu of that permit the roof has been fixed by Garcia Roofing for $675.00. A quote from Warren Harper had been received for $3,850.00 for a more extensive repair job.
  2. E-mail from Nancy Bell (surveyor) giving us an update on their progress. They are not at the halfway point yet.
  3. Oral History grant with Mississippi Humanities Council had been finalized and sent off. Should get a check back for $275.41. 5 interviews on CD’s had been sent to Mississippi Sothern’s Oral History Program. Walley made sure those involved were aware that it is an ongoing program, a service the Commission will offer as an interregnal part of the local Historic Preservation efforts. Melanie read proposal for the oral history partnership with any high school class to be part of.
  4. Mount Holly application to Mississippi Heritage Trust’s 10 most endangered sites in Mississippi had been finalized and sent off. A copy also sent to owner, Matt Wiggins, Kemah, Texas.
  5. Preliminary application to the National Register of Historic Places for Does Eat Place, Armitage Herschell Carousel had been sent to MDAH. Miller Memorial application moving along also. Johnnie Pearl noted that no cornerstone could be found, original building was of wood, then bricked over. Brad Jones, City Works, was still in the process of getting the John Fox maker and moving it to the Welcome Center.
  6. CLG letter of intent had been sent to MDAH for a grant for signage for the Downtown Historic District in the amount of $1800.00. The annual CLG report had been done and sent off 10-23-10. The new CLG agreement had been sign by mayor/President of Board of Supervisors/MDAH and me.
  7. “Financial incentives for rehabilitation” passed out to all Commissioners. Bill Andrews, who owns the Old Delta Democrat Times building on Main Street, was painting the outside of the building. I informed Bill that tax credits were available and we would help him with that application.
  8. Web page grant from MDAH finalized and sent off. Reimbursement check for $720.00 should follow.
  9. Bank statements reviewed.
  10. With the absence of Princella we could not get a update of Stacy Childress’s information.

New Business

  1. King’s Daughters and Sons Circle #2 meeting presentation November 10, 2010, showing how we are spending grant money, and what other projects that we are working on.
  2. Wesley Smith requested a letter of support to Mary Beth Wilkerson, Tourism Director, Mississippi Development Authority – Tourism Division. Walley drafted letter and got it signed and sent off.
  3. Dell Jones had mentioned that Mr. Hays in Hollandale had donated the Hays building to the city of Hollandale, and they were thinking of making a museum of it. Walley presented photos of the building. It was noted that the Commission needed to be partners in that project.
  4. Brad Jones (City Works) asked the Commission their view on putting a mural on the Old Fire Station building. It was the consensus of the Commission that the original brick should be left alone, and following the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties, the unpainted brick should remain unpainted. The maintenance of the mural, its removal at some point, all would be issues that should be avoided.
  5. Meeting adjourned 6:33.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – November 9, 2010