Minutes – December 14, 2010  
Washington County Courthouse
December 14, 2010

  • 6:00 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Guests: None
  • Roll Call: Melanie Sanders, Princella Nowell, Emmett Smith, Dell Jones, Dorothy Williams, Walley Morse, excused were Cindy Ayers, Betty Coleman and Johnnie Gibson
  • Minutes of meeting November 9, 2010 read and approved.
Old Business
  1. Depot status. Received check for $16.00 from Water Department for money that was left after last bill deducted from deposit. Betty Lynn (Main Street) said that if we had not done anything with the depot when the deposit was due next year, she would put up the deposit. I had received Project # 10-101-10 from MDAH, the O.K. to proceed with the repairs to the roof of the depot
  2. Melanie read e-mail from Nancy Bell (downtown survey) they had finished the initial field work, and was coming back to Greenville for research.
  3. Oral History program had e-mail from Carol Anderson (Mississippi Humanities Council) with a request for an “audience” evaluation of the project to finalize the grant. After some discussion Dorothy agreed to meet with AARP and see if we couldn’t present a short presentation for their evaluation in February. Walley will research what type of questions to ask.
  4. Lucie Sabella 954-295-4317 in Ft Lauderdale FL had called requesting information on Mount Holly. I gave her all the information that we had, and luck in acquiring the property for renovation.
  5. Initial nominations for National Register of Historic Places had been sent to Bill Gatlin, MDAH, for Does Eat Place and the Carousel. Received notice back from Bill that it would probably be the May 2011 Review Board when they actually would be looked at. Johnnie Pearl had sent me the initial application for Miller Memorial for forwarding to Bill Gatlin for review.
  6. The Historical Marker for John Fox that was at the Old Greenville Bridge has been brought from Yazoo City and placed at the Welcome Center. Brad Jones (public works) will see about its placement.
  7. Received notice from Vicki that we needed to adjust our grant request to at least over $2,000. Since MDAH would not fund something under $1,000. (Their part).
  8. Commission reviewed bank statements, and Walley had set up account with MDAH (Cynthia Butler) so they could send us our check for the Web Site construction. It required faxing an Internal Revenue form W-9 with our Federal employer tax number. Walley also is going to set up a direct deposit for future grants that would send grant money direct into the Commissions account.
  9. Princilla gave an overview of the information that Stacy Childress had donated to the commission on his research. She had constructed a 6 page index of those files, and commented how you could see the book ”Delta Plantations: the beginning” as she read those files.
  10. Walley had met with the Kings Daughters Circle #2 and sons at their meeting and gave an update on our web page and survey status. He also gave an update on our goals for the Depot and continuing development of our Web Site. He also sent in the Quarterly report to them as required by the Grant.
  11. Dell Jones gave a presentation on Hollandale. Mr. Hays had giving the city their old business building in Hollandale, and Dell said the city still had not decided on what to do with the building. Hollandale alderman Ronnie Williams told Dell that Mr. Hays had an old Barn made of cypress that was still in pristine condition that needed moving to maybe make some type of Agriculture Museum. It was located behind a house of Church Street, probably built in the 20’s or 30’s. She provided pictures.
  12. Bill Andrews, owner of the old DDT building (main & walnut) had been provided the forms and all the necessary information, pictures, history, of the building so he can apply for the 20% Mississippi Income Tax credits for preserving historic buildings. He asked if the Commission wanted to put up some type of Historical display in the window with the buildings history on it. Walley said he would follow up to see if he wanted to pay for it. Mary Sferruzza (230 Arnold Ave) had also requested information and was supplied all the necessary forms for tax credits. Princella noted the Mary is Hugh McCormincks, (McCormincks Book Store) sister.

New Business

  1. Walley had met with Mace CEO Cliff Whitley about the Old Elks Lodge (Mississippi Landmark) on November 22, with Brad Jones, we toured the old building, his first time inside the building. Also at the meeting was Betty Lynn Cameron, Al Brock of Main Street Greenville. Mr. Whitley had applied for a $100,000. Grant from the Ford Foundation for development planning and didn’t get it. They still were looking for funding. Walley made the Commissions position that something needed to be done to the building.
  2. November 18, Walley had met with Ronnie Yarbough (Deer Creek Watershed Association) and Dean Pennington, Ph.D, Executive Director, (YMD) at the YMD (Yazoo Mississippi Delta Joint Water Management District) building in Stoneville. We discussed the historical significance of Deer Creek and the potential tourist applications of the Creek.
  3. December 6, Walley met with the Deer Creek Watershed Association in Arcola. Also in attendance was Meg Cooper (Mississippi Lower Delta Partnership www.lowerdelta.org) Brian Ballenger (Mississippi Wildlife www.wildlifemiss.org) Rick Hagar NRCS (www.ms.nrcs.usda.gov). Deer Creek Association consists of 7 mayors along Deer Creek, Metcalfe, Leland, Arcola, Hollandale, Anguilla, Rolling Fork, and Cary. Also 6 members at large. Roby Winters, chairman. In their by-laws Article II states objective C. To promote the historical, cultural and recreational aspect of the watershed. They have an implementation Plan, with the 1st objective is conduct some type of survey of Deer Creek, addressing the quality and quantity of the Creek. They have asked DEQ for $20,000. YMD is working on the Quiver River Project that will lay the ground work for future Deer Creek work. Developing a partnership with these and other organizations would help in developing the “Mississippi Delta National Heritage Area”, Commissioner Cindy Ayers who is on that Board of Directors said that a public meeting would be held in the spring and initial planning funding was coming through.
  4. www.mdah.state.ms.us facebook page Mississippi Society Meeting March 3-5. Princella gave commission overview of meeting and what to expect. Some of our members will surely go.
  5. Kathleen Faherty “Alliance for Historic Hillsborough” in Hillsborough N.C. www.historichillsborough.org, requested information on the grave site of Betty Ashe Holmes Meares who was buried on Sycamore Plantation in Leland. I supplied all the information that was available, plus web site www.bing.com/maps where she could look at the old plantation site and Deer Creek.
  6. January meeting was discussed with Dorothy Williams making a motion to not have a January Meeting and move everything to February since Walley was going out of town for 2 weeks and nothing was pressing. Princella 2nd, motion passed.
  7. Emmett Smith gave a presentation on the abandoned Walnut Grove Missionary Baptist Church cemetery on Cedar Lane road that the Texas Gas Company in laying down gas line had disrupted. He provided his research, tax records, and photos. We all agreed the Commission needed some type of stance to keep this action from continuing to take place in Washington County. Walley said he would call Texas Gas Company 800-626-1948 and see what he could find out.
  8. Meeting adjourned 7:04 until February 14, 2011 when we will have officer elections for 2011.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – December 14, 2010