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Washington County Courthouse
February 8, 2011

  • 6:00 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Recognize Guests; Leonard Williams, Washington County Planning Director, Stephen and Linda Tankersley (Hollandale Mississippi).
  • Roll Call of Commissioners; Melanie Sanders, Betty Coleman, Johnnie Pearl Gibson, Dorothy Williams, Walley Morse, Dell Jones, Princella Nowell. Cindy Ayers excused, Emmett Smith absent.
  • Minutes of meeting December 14, 2010 read and approved as read.
Old Business
  1. Election of officers. Nomination of Princella Nowell for Chairman by Betty Coleman, 2nd by Melanie Sanders. Unanimous vote. Nomination of Dorothy Williams for Vice Chair by Johnnie Pearl 2nd by Princella, unanimous vote. Nomination of Walley Morse to continue as secretary by Johnnie Pearl 2nd by Melanie, unanimous vote. Passing of the gavel from Melanie Sanders to Princella Nowell, and Princella conducted the rest of the meeting.
  2. Nancy Bell in process of submitting first part of downtown survey to MDAH for payment. As MDAH designates that payment will be due. Motion by Betty Coleman, 2nd by Dell Jones to pay the amount designated by MDAH. Ms Bell gave a quote of $4,500 to do a nomination for Downtown Greenville Business district to the National Register of Historic Districts. Walley got approval from Washington County Board of Supervisors on February 7, 2011 to submit a CLG grant to MDAH for matching funds for that survey. Walley will go to the Greenville City Council on February 15, 2011 for a like approval for submission for the grant. Walley has yet to meet with Ms Bell to discuss Hollandale survey.
  3. Oral History Program was presented to AARP in their February 1st meeting with exerts from Dr. Suares interview played for their evaluation. Dorothy Williams gave an overview of their positive response. Questionnaires were passed out at the AARP meeting and those sent with photos to Mississippi Humanities Council to finalize the grant that they gave the commission.
  4. Johnnie Pearl gave an update on the Miller Memorial Buildings application. All the work had been done and the application just needed to be organized and sent off to MDAH. Those other applications were also being re-organized for submission. Leonard Williams (County Planner) had received permission from the Board of Supervisors to apply for the 80/20 grant offered by MDAH for Mississippi Civil Rights Historical Sites. Other sites in Greenville were discussed with the Herbert Lee Community Center on Belair discussed. Walley had discussed the grant with Catherine Garner, (Greenville Support Group) and the possibility of a joint venture with Miller Memorial for an African American Museum at the renovated Miller building. Location being ideal on the corner of Nelson and Broadway with ample parking available. Web site listing of National Register’s Historic Places, go to Google and put in “National Register of Historic Places in Mississippi, USA” and it will bring it up. Original photos and text of application on this website.
  5. Commissioners reviewed bank statements.
  6. Mississippi Historical Society meeting March 3-5 was discussed and most of the Commission members of the Society had failed to get the annual meeting notice. After some discussion Walley, Dorothy and Johnnie Pearl are going to try and make the Friday meeting. Betty said she may already be in Jackson and would like to attend also.
  7. Walley had contacted the Gas Company about the Walnut Grove cemetery and they were adamant that they or their landscape company did not disturb the cemetery.
  8. Mt. Holly’s nomination to the 2011 10 most Endangered Historic Places in Mississippi by the Mississippi Heritage Trust had been received and April 28, 2011 they will have their unveiling event at the Historic Duling School in the Fondren district.
  9. MDAH training at the BB King Museum in Indianola on the 24th of February was discussed. Cindy Ayers had called from Jackson and was going to the training in Jackson the 11th. Walley, Dorothy and Johnnie Pearl were going to Indianola session.
  10. Walley had a meeting with Larry Jones, Delta Economic Development Center, to bring him up to speed on the Commissions efforts. We discussed the need for historical markers on those Washington County assets that need to be recognized for their Historical significant. He also may have some ideas on the Depot that is in the Commission's hands.

New Business

  1. Dell Jones wanted somebody from the Commission to talk at the Rotary Club meeting in Hollandale this month. After some discussion Walley agreed to do a presentation on Hollandale History and the Preservation Commission, February 23 was the date agreed to. They meet at the Twin County Electric Conference room in Hollandale.
  2. The Tankersley’s live in the old school house in Hollandale 102 S Deer Creek Dr. MDAH had been up and looked at the building and they were interested in the history of the building. They knew it was one of the oldest existing original school houses in Washington County and would like the Commissions help in establishing the history of the building.
  3. Meeting adjourned 7:28 until March 8th 2011.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – February 8, 2011