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Washington County Courthouse
April 12, 2011

  • 6:01 p.m. meeting called to order by Dorothy Williams, Vice-chair
  • Guest: Anne Martin,, WXVT local CBS affiliate
  • Roll Call of Commissioners. Dorothy Williams, Emmett Smith, Betty Coleman, Melanie Sanders, Dell Jones, Walley Morse. Johnnie Gibson, Cindy Ayers absent, Princella Nowell excused for bad knee.
  • Minutes of meeting March 8, 2011 read and approved.
Old Business
  1. Oral History grant with Mississippi Humanities closed out with receipt of their check for $275.41 with understanding our Oral History Project will continue. Anne Martin has agreed to help in our efforts and Walley had contacted Emily Erwin Jones, Delta State archivist, to also help. The grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities “Preservation Assistance Grants for Smaller Institutions” due May 3, 2011 will be applied for by Walley. Jerry Redmond with the community radio station WDSV 91.9 FM met with Walley to discuss the Commission Oral History Program, and Mr. Redmond thought it a great idea to post our interviews on the radio and even conduct some interviews on radio. We would need an underwriter for the program which would be $600.00 for the 1 hour program for a year. Grants would be looked at to provide funding.
  2. Nancy Bell who is doing our downtown Greenville Historic Resource Survey is required to be finished by June 15, 2011. No word from MDAH on the Grant for the application for National Register of Historic Districts. Some discussion on getting bids on whom to do that application.
  3. John Fox marker still in hands of City Works Department. Anne Martin brought it to the Commissions attention that the First United Methodist Church will have its unveiling of their historical marker on May 1st at 1:30 PM and invited all the Commissioners to attend.
  4. Walley gave update on meeting with Hollandale Mayor Willis and the Aldermen on April 5th. They agreed to fund $700.00 for the Historical Resource Survey of the 20 main buildings in downtown Hollandale. Walley will contact Nancy Bell to see what type of time frame she can do the survey and draw up a contract with MS Bell, the Commission, MDAH and the City of Hollandale. Walley felt that by the time that survey is done he should be able to do the application to the National Register of Historic Districts since a quote from MS Bell was $2,750. to do the application. Walley will send Bill Gatlin the proposed application for survey for his feedback. Betty made the motion for Ms Bell to do the survey and Dell seconded, motion passed.
  5. The applications for National Register designation for Does, and Carousel had been sent to Bill Gatlin and awaiting his response. Miller Memorial still needed some work.
  6. Bank Statements were reviewed.
  7. Belinda Stewart Architects proposal for the Depot was discussed. Melanie along with the Commission felt that a major project for the depot would send a strong statement on the revitalizing of downtown Greenville. After discussion Melanie made the motion to accept Belinda Stewards Option 2 which was 8% of any funds awarded. If no grant funds are awarded then no fee will be charged. Emmett 2nd and the motion passed.
  8. Walley met with Carlon Williams, Planning Director City of Greenville, and discussed the steps to establish an ordinance for the proposed downtown Greenville Historic District. Walley and Ms Williams will work together in the writing of the ordinance with the help of the city engineer to establish wording of the district. Included in the ordinance would be not only the district, but any Zoning overlays and design guidelines, signage guidelines.
  9. Adding to our website www.jgwchpc.com the cemeteries of Washington County maybe a larger project than we can currently handle. There seems to be more cemeteries both private and public that have not been documented. We will start compiling a list of those cemeteries as the information become available. The tour of Lake Washington was brought up since that tour also included some cemeteries and a tentative date of Wednesday May 11th was set for the Commission and any others that are interested take the tour. Stacy Childress also informed the Commission he would help with the Cemetery list. Emmett brought up the fact that the WPA did a listing of the Cemeteries back in the 30’s but where that information was would take some research. Anne Martin added that a headstone of Ben Clark CPL QMC World War I born November 18, 1888, died November 6, 1951 had been found face down at 343 N. Shelby here in Greenville. She was trying to find out some information on him. She mention Butch Ruth who also had an interest in local cemeteries. Dorothy Williams noted that she would like to do some research on Live Oak Cemetery where her mother is buried. It was noted that Dan McCaskill (Leland resident) had a web site with a lot of information on it.
  10. Walley had sent a letter to the Mississippi Historical Society on the status of the Commissioners. He received a letter back from Mr. Hilliard saying that the rest of the Commissioners' memberships expire on September 30, 2011. They all should be getting the quarterly newsletter and the Journal of Mississippi History as they become available.
  11. Mississippi Heritage Trust “10 Most” will be in Jackson April 28th. Walley will attend and report back to the Commission.
  12. Emmett had met with Mr. Johnson concerning the proposed Wildlife Heritage Museum in Leland and that project was distant at best.

New Business

  1. Mary Boteler, CLG coordinator, with the Leland Historic District had been contacted and the proposed addition of the Leland Historic District to the Commission’s site with their 350 properties was discussed. The need for a grant to provide funds for this addition will be looked into. Walley is going to their next meeting April 18th. Emmett said he would like to go also.
  2. It was noted that 2 of Washington County’s historic resources had been affected. The Atterbury House MDAH Inventory code 151-HLN-6203 had been purchased by Joe Robert Campbell and renovations were underway. The Arcola Methodist Church MDAH inventory code 151-ARC-0001 had a large tree fall on the middle of the Church in essence demolishing the church.
  3. Meeting was adjourned at 6:59 PM until May 10, 2011.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – April 12, 2011