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Washington County Courthouse
June 14, 2011

  • 6:07 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Recognize Guests: Benjy Nelken, Al Brock, Betty Lynn Cameron
  • Minutes from meeting April 12, 2011 read and approved
Old Business
  1. Downtown Greenville Business District survey completed. Emmett Smith motioned to pay MS Bell money due upon completition with Johnnie Pearl second. Motion passed
    • Motion to consider alternate surveyors for the National Register Nomination made by Johnnie Pearl second by Betty with recommendation for Walley and Princella to consider David Preziosi, director of Mississippi Heritage Trust for the survey.
    • The MOA with the City and County had been signed and returned to MDAH to start writing the contract for the application to the National Register of Historic Districts.
    • The tax abatement program was put on hold to look for more information on the tax abatement program already in place. Melanie Sanders made the motion to establish a local historic district and nomination for an extension of the Historic Downtown Greenville Business district with the same boundaries from the Levee on Main Street to the Jewish Temple and from the Levee on Washington Ave to the Railroad on Delessups. Including the side streets of Walnut, Poplar, Shelby, Hinds, with 2 properties on S. Theobald. Attachment A. Motion was seconded by Johnnie Pearl and motion passed.
    • The Commission had input from Betty Lynn Cameron (Greenville Mainstreet) Benjy Nelken, property owner and curator of the Greenville Museum, Al Brock , Greenville Main Street and Greenville Housing Commission. The 4 local banks CB&S, Guaranty, Union Planters and Trustmark properties were excluded from the district since they were new buildings and had added no historic value to the district.
  2. National Trust Preservation Funds grant had been submitted for funds to partner with Belinda Stewart Architects to provide drawings and ideas on the development of the Depot property.
  3. King Daughters and Sons Circle # 2 grant had been submitted for funds to match the MDAH CLG grant for the National Register Nomination.
  4. National Endowment for Humanities grant for “Preservation Assistance Grants for Smaller Institutions” had been submitted and denied on a technicality.
  5. Bill Gatlin (MDAH) had come up and looked at Does Eat Place, Miller Memorial and the Carousel in conjunction with our nomination of those properties to the National Register of Historic Places.
  6. Brad Jones, Greenville City Works, still had the John Fox Historical Marker and said he was going to place it.
  7. Hollandale Historic Resource Contract with Nancy Bell had been done and signed by Chair Princella Nowell. Dell Jones made the motion to proceed with that process and take the contracts to Mayor Willis in Hollandale for his signature. Betty Coleman 2nd and motion passed. Then the contracts go to Nancy Bell, then to MDAH and then back to us for implementation.
  8. Johnnie Pearl gave a brief summary of our tour of Lake Washington on May 11, 2011.
  9. Walley and Emmett attended the Leland Historical Commission meeting on April 18th. They mainly talked about their C.O.A.’s.
  10. Oral History list was presented and the need to move forward was addressed.
  11. Bank Statements were reviewed with no expenditures in the last 2 months. With the check to Nancy Bell for $2,400.00 written and the Commission anticipates MDAH to reimburse the commission $2,880.00 which would be 60% of the project cost.
  12. Walley met with the Board of Supervisors and suggested they adopt a policy of cleaning certified historical cemeteries and the Board did not want to take on that responsibility.

New Business

  1. 521 S. Washington Ave, Victor & Delores Quiroz, owners, were notified of the tax credits that were available and the need to notify MDAH of their intentions on remodeling the property.
  2. First United Methodist Church of Greenville placed a Historical Marker in front of the church. The Commission put that marker on their web site and had upgraded the City Museum and McCormick’s Book Inn with pictures and history.
  3. Mills and Mills Architect had requested their consideration on any projects that the Commission would undertake.
  4. Letter to the Washington County Board of Supervisors concerning the Civil Rights Grant for Miller Memorial had been sent.
  5. The printable minutes from our web site www.jgwchpc.com looked better than just the typed minutes and Walley will in the future wait until those minutes are posted on the web site before he takes a copy to the County Court House, City Hall, and Library.
  6. Johnnie Pearl brought up the fact we need a brochure on the new historic district before we implement that plan.
  7. Meeting adjourned 7:29 PM until July 12th 2011
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – June 14, 2011