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Washington County Courthouse
July 12, 2011

  • 6:05 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Recognize Guests: None
  • Roll Call of Commissioners. Walley Morse, Princella Nowell, Melanie Sanders, Emmett Smith and Dell Jones. Johnnie Gibson and Dorothy Williams excused, Cindy Ayers and Betty Coleman absent.
  • Minutes were read from June 14, and approved as read.
Old Business
  1. MDAH had found issues with Nancy Bells survey and had requested some additional work done on the survey. Walley had sent a certified letter to Vicki Myers (MDAH) showing the final report of the CLG grant and the expatiation of MDAH refunding the Commission the $2,880.00 that the MDAH owes the commission. Also in that letter were the proposed boundaries of the Downtown Greenville Historic Local Business District, as required by ordinance. The public meeting that is required by ordinance is set for August 9, 2011 at the Commissionís regular monthly meeting. The meeting to be held at the City Council Chambers in City Hall starting at 4 PM. Dell made the motion and Emmett 2nd and passed. Also Walley had met with Carlon Williams (City Planning) and had provided the public notice to run in the paper 3 consecutive weeks before the public meeting. Planning department would absorb the cost. The actual ordinance Walley had almost completed with just the legal description of the districtís boundaries left to do. City Engineer would provide that. Walley would have copies of the proposed local district at the City clerkís office. At the public meeting maps, ordinance, sign in sheets, common questions asked and other handouts would be provided.
  2. Walley had received a notice from the National Trust that the commission would receive $1,000.00 from the trust to partner with Belinda Stewart to draw up some plans and drawings for the Depot.
  3. King Daughters and Sons Circle # 2 grant notice would be received by August 1 (if we got it or not).
  4. The ClG grant for the nomination of the Downtown Historic District to the National Register is ready except for the person who will actually do the Grant. Since MDAH had issues yet to be resolved by Nancy Bell, Walley had looked for an alternate. Russell Archer (former MDAH employee) was a candidate yet to be authorized by MDAH. Emmett made a motion to hire Russell if he would do the nomination for the CLG authorized amount ($4,500.00) Princella seconded and it passed. Russell is supposed to come to Greenville July 18th.
  5. John Fox marker. Brad Jones has a picture of the marker in his pocket to remind him to get it placed at the Riverboat Welcome Center.
  6. Hollandale contract had been signed by Hollandale Mayor Willis and as soon as Dell Jones gets them she will call Walley to pick them up. Walley will call Nancy Bell to make sure she is on board with the requirements MDAH has set for the survey.
  7. Bank statements were reviewed.
  8. Princella went over the procedures to have a public meeting and Walley agreed to modify those and notify everyone on what was expected.

New Business

  1. Article in Leland Progress about Lelandís Historic Preservation Commission action against the South Delta Regional Housing Authority discussed. The question of what legal action did the commission have when someone disregards city ordinance was raised.
  2. Trip to Eupora to look at their city and Depot that had been redone for their Economic Development office. Betty Lynn Cameron, Main Street, to see if she will organize trip with Delta EDC, and interested others.
  3. Commissioner Cindy Ayers continuing absence was discussed and the need to find a replacement for her. Ann Hollowell, city council, had been notified that the Commission needed a replacement and she would look into it. Princella Nowell suggested Nick Crawford as maybe someone who could be contacted.
  4. Meeting adjourned 7:05 until August 9th 2011 at City Council Chambers.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – July 12, 2011