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Washington County Courthouse
August 9, 2011

  • 4:00 PM Meeting Called to order.
  • Recognize Guests: Partial listing of those present. Sam Young (Mississippi Insurance Services), Tom Shields (May’s Wholesale) Jerome Hafter (Hafter Real Estate) Greg Hatley, (property owner) Jack and Marianne Gannon, (property owners), Andy Alexander, (City Attorney) Carlon William (City Planning Director) Lorenzo Anderson (City Engineer) Benjy Nelken (Property owner), Betty Lynn Cameron (Main Street Association) Al Brock (Greater Greenville Housing and Main Street) and others that did not give their names.
  • Roll Call of Commissioners; Betty Coleman, Princella Nowell, Walley Morse, Johnnie Gibson, Dorothy Williams, Emmett Smith and Dell Jones and Melanie Sanders excused and Cindy Ayers absent.
  • Minutes of previous meeting July 12, 2011 postponed.
Old Business
  1. Public Hearing on proposed Downtown Greenville Local Historic Business District.
    • Proposed district lines and maps of said district were posted on walls and given as hand outs. Also common questions and comparisons of districts were handed out. Design Guidelines adopted by the Commission were also passed out.
    • Request for comments was presented and a variety of comments were presented in an orderly manner.
    • Overall concern was it would hinder the time frame of some projects, to have to present a COA to the Commission. Not the COA itself but the time frame it would take. Also the concern there would be another layer of government to contend with. Those non-contributing properties were concerned and it was explained how they would not have to meet the contributing properties guidelines as per the Design Guidelines manual. They would still have to submit a COA. It was a good display of concerns by all parties, but the under lining theme of everyone working together for a better downtown Greenville prevailed. The Public Meeting was closed at 5:45 PM.
  2. Russell Archer, Historic Preservation Specialist, met with Walley on July 18, 2011 at which time he agreed to the application for the Downtown Greenville Historic Business District extension to the National Register of Historic Districts at the agreed CLG grant price of $4,500.00. Hopefully have it completed for the MDAH January 2012 review board. He also agreed to do the Hollandale Resource Survey. MDAH would not approve our original boundaries of the proposed district and had offered some suggestions. Those were taken under consideration and new boundaries were discussed at length and drawn as a compromise to MDAH’s request.
  3. King Daughters and Sons Circle #2 grant award of $2,250.00 which will match the MDAH grant of $2,250.00 to fully fund the application to the National Register of Historic Districts for the Downtown Greenville extension of the Business district.
  4. John Fox maker had been welded as per Brad Jones and was suppose to be touched up before placing.
  5. Bank Statements were reviewed which reflected the $1,000.00 from the National Trust and the $2,880.00 from MDAH as the reimbursement for the resource survey that was completed.
  6. The Commission had received no word on the replacement of Commisioner Cindy Ayers.
  7. A trip to Eupora with Delta EDC was still in the works to show the EDC what the Depot could look like, that would suit their needs.
  8. Doe's Eat Place and Carousel application to the National Register had been sent to Bill Gatlin MDAH for their consideration
  9. The $1,000.00 we received from the National Trust was for a proposal from Belinda Stewart Architects for us to use in our grant proposals. We needed another $1,000.00 from our resources as match. Betty Coleman made the motion to do so, Emmett Smith 2nd and motion passed. Belinda Stewart Architects would send Walley as soon as practical those figures to use in the Grant for MDOT’s Transportation Enhancement Grant Due August 30th and the MDAH Community Heritage Preservation Grant due October 7th.

New Business

  1. Commission reviewed the proposed COA that it will use and after some discussion and changes, Johnnie Gibson made the motion to accept as changed and Betty Coleman 2nd and motion passed.
  2. MDAH Advanced training in Jackson September 23, 2011. This training was for the new CIS system for local governments. Johnnie Gibson and Walley Morse plan on attending.
  3. Walley had presented to the Washington County Board of Supervisors the MDAH Community Heritage Grant for their Planning Director for the Courthouse. Supervisor Holmes requested Mr. Williams to proceed ASAP for the Courthouse roof.
  4. Meeting adjourned 6:30 PM until September 13th 2011.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – August 9, 2011