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Washington County Courthouse
September 13, 2011

  • 6:00 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Recognize guests: none
  • Roll Call of Commissioners; Walley Morse, Princella Nowell, Melanie Sanders, Betty Coleman and new Commissioner Anne Martin.
  • Minutes from public meeting and monthly meeting August 9, 2011 read and approved as read.
Old Business
  1. Draft of the city ordinance establishing a local downtown historic business district had been submitted to the city ordinance committee, MDAH, and also Jerry Hafter, local business owner. Next step is the committee’s approval and then go before the city council for approval. That date has not been set, but will inform the interested parties including our commissioners on that date.
  2. The contract for the application to the National Register of Historic Districts had all been signed and returned. Russell Archer, historic preservation specialist, will start as soon as practical.
  3. The John Fox marker had been redone by Manning Sign Co, and Brad Jones now has to find a post for placement.
  4. Walley gave an overview of his and Johnnie Pearls trip to Eupora complete with pictures. Larry Jones, Delta EDC, also in Eupora for his input on the Depot project. They toured the Eupora Depot and met with Cyntha Berry Wilson, ex director Webster County Development Council which occupy the building.
  5. The review board for the National Register meets for the Does/Carousel September 15.
  6. MDAH training September 23rd still on schedule.
  7. Hollandale resource survey contracts had been signed by everybody but MDAH. Since no MDAH funds are involved, their signature is not required. Much discussion on MDAH desire to expand any historic district over the wishes of the local historic commission.
  8. Bank Statements were reviewed.
  9. Anne Martin was recognized as a new member of the commission. Melanie mentions that we need to inform the DDT newspaper of this appointment.
  10. The redesigned COA has not been done yet.
  11. MDOT Transportation Enhancement grant had been submitted. $985,844.00 was the Belinda Stewart Architects estimate on the cost. Being an 80/20% grant MDOT would supply $788.675.20 and the commission would be responsible for $197,168.80. Melanie brought up the fact that the Community Reinvestment Act could possibly be a money source since it is a reimbursement grant. She would look into that possibility.
  12. MDAH Community Heritage Preservation Grant was available for the matching $197,168.80; Anne Martin made the motion to apply for that grant, with Betty Coleman 2nd and passed. This grant is Due October 7, 2011. It is also an 80/20 grant that the commission has to show they have the resources to provide the 20% or $39,433.76. Walley had drafted a letter to the financial institutions requesting a letter of support and the Commission had resources to cover the 20% match. Walley had also requested letters of support from the Delta EDC and also a commitment letter stating they will occupy the Depot once the project was complete.
  13. Joint project with the Delta Economic Development Center (Delta EDC) to take the plot maps of downtown and establish parcel numbers to each property to help identify property owners in the downtown district. Sam Russell is overseeing that project.

New Business

  1. Washington County Board of Supervisors had requested the commission set in motion the application for the county courthouse to the National Register of Historic Places. They authorized $1,700.00 for that application. Walley notified Russell Archer and Russell agreed to the project. Walley sent him photos, history of the Courthouse and Russell was going to meet with MDAH to see if the application is feasible.
  2. Walley had received an e-mail with information request about Lizzie Coleman’s granddaughter Thea Bowman. He had done some research and had asked Johnnie Gibson to dig deeper into that documentation.
  3. Anne Martin noted that MACE, the owners of the Mississippi Landmark building, the Elks Lodge on Washington Ave had put the building up for sale, with an initial price of $41,000.00.
  4. Meeting adjourned 7:20 until October 11th 2011.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – September 13, 2011