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Washington County Courthouse
October 11, 2011

  • 6:00 p.m. meeting called to order
  • No Visitors
  • Minutes from September 13 read and approved as read.
  • Commissioners present: Princella Nowell, Walley Morse, Dell Jones, Emmett Smith, Johnnie Gibson, Anne Martin. Excused Betty Coleman, Melanie Sanders and Dorothy Williams.
Old Business
  1. Ordinance to establish a local downtown Greenville historic business district had been completed and submitted to the City Council for their approval at the next City Council meeting October 18, 2011.
  2. Russell Archer had completed the first draft for the extension to the National Register Downtown Greenville Historic Business District and submitted it to MDAH. Bill Gatlin requested we set up a public meeting for the National Register nomination at the Percy Library December 13 5-7 PM. He will chair that meeting followed by our own regular monthly meeting. He will put the notices in the paper of the meeting.
  3. Does Eat Place, Carousel, and extension of business district should all be presented to the MDAH for passage in the January 2012 meeting. Then it will go to the Dept. of Interior for their consideration.
  4. John Fox marker is still waiting for a pole to be placed.
  5. Russell Archer said the Hollandale historic resource survey should be ready by the Dec. 15th due date.
  6. Bank Statements were reviewed.
  7. Statement from Belinda Stewart for $2,000.00 had been paid, using $1,000.00 of grant money and $1,000.00 of the commission’s funds. Her work was used in both the MDOT Transportation Enhancement Grant and the MDAH Community Heritage Grant that had been submitted. No timeline on when we would receive notice on the awards.
  8. Russell Archer had talked to MDAH about the Washington County Courthouse application to the National Register and no decision on if that application would be considered.
  9. Commissioner Anne Martin agreed to head up our Oral History program. She and Walley would get together and supply her with all that she needed to get that program running again.
  10. Lorenzo Alexander, City Engineer, had downloaded Walley the plot program showing all the parcel numbers on property in the downtown district. He had forwarded it to Sam Russell (Delta EDC) and was going to start putting those numbers on the Plot Maps. Commission members requested Walley to send them copies of the program also. Once parcel numbers on properties are established, the ability to go on www.deltacomputersystems.com and look up the property owners would be a valuable tool to the commission.
  11. The revised C.O.A.’s were reviewed and Walley was going to get Lonnie Looper to put those on the commission’s web site so property owners could access the COA’s without going to the Greenville Planning Department. Vicki Myers, MDAH, had also suggested we put our Design Guidelines on the website.
  12. Johnnie Gibson gave the commission a report of Lizzie Coleman (Coleman Jr. High School) granddaughter Thea Bowman. The Progressive Arts Civic Club was approached to write an article for the newspaper.

New Business

  1. Walley, Brad Jones, Betty Lynn Cameron, Lorenzo Alexander had gone down to Vicksburg to hear a presentation sponsored by Main Street Association on branding and marketing the historic district. Our Commission's motto “Preserving the Future of our Past” could be used, and the establishing of a design logo that the commission could use in all their marketing efforts was discussed. Princella noted that the current historic district signs were all brown letters instead of the usual black. The possibility of using the Greenville Bends (original bends in the Mississippi River) was suggested by Princella. It was agreed that the commission needed to do some research on signs for the historic district. The new Leland Historic District sign photos were shown.
  2. Walley had applied for a grant from the National Trust for their Modernism + Recent Past Program. Johnnie Gibson suggested those funds could be used to establish a Power Point program on the potential for the downtown district. Belinda Stewart could probably put one on from her firm’s experience.
  3. Walley noted that Entergy Power Co still had grant money available that the commission could apply for.
  4. MDAH CLG grants for next year were discussed. Downtown signage was the main concern for grants for next year. A variety of programs were discussed that the commission could do for next year. Anne Martin suggested a monthly newspaper column that would be submitted to all the local papers concerning history of old buildings/homes. Establishing a walking tour brochure for the downtown area, establishing a brochure on “how to research your old home” and do a workshop at the public library. Establish an awards program for rehabilitating old businesses and homes. Work with the Greater Greenville Housing on establishing a HUD program for the downtown district. Princella added how important it was to establish the downtown area as a destination point and finding those unique things that would bring people downtown. Emmett even suggested a mule and wagon ride.
  5. Carolyn Oglesby had borrowed the files that Stacy Childress had donated for her research on Lake Washington.
  6. The Mississippi Landmark status of the Depot had been duly registered at the Chancery Clerk's office September 27, 2011—finally.
  7. Anne Martin suggested we establish a presence on the internet site “Facebook”, She pointed out that social networking was a great tool on letting people know what the commission was doing. She would head up that proposal.
  8. Dell Jones brought up the subject of the old fire station downtown that kids had a birthday party there and loved it. Could the use of other historic sites be used in a like manner?
  9. MDAH County Records Inventory Project was briefly discussed. More information was needed from the Chancery Clerk's office, and Walley would look into it.
  10. Walley noted that in the Leland Progress newspaper a notice concerning the “Leland Historic Foundation” was reorganizing. No one seems to know anything about it.
  11. Emmett brought up the fact another cemetery at the end of Wilmont road was noted and if the Commission could at least photo these cemeteries and establish a file before all these old cemeteries were gone. It would be another good project for next year. The Atterbury Home in Estill was looking better and better with continued work done, photos were viewed.
  12. Meeting adjourned 7:45 PM until November 8th 2011.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – October 11, 2011