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Washington County Courthouse
November 8, 2011

  • 6:00 p.m. Meeting called to order
  • Guests: None
  • Commissioners present: Melanie Sanders, Walley Morse, Princella Nowell, Emmett Smith, Betty Coleman, Anne Martin, Dorothy Williams and Johnnie Pearl Gibson excused.
  • Minutes of meeting October 11th 2011 approved as read.
Old Business
  1. The Local Historic District ordinance was at city hall, and the Mayor wanted to have another Public Hearing on the ordinance and it was set for the next City Council meeting November 15th at 4 PM.
  2. First draft of the application to the National Register of Historic Districts for the Downtown Greenville Historic Business District had been received at MDAH, and a copy forwarded to all commissioners. Everything still on track for all the nominations to the National Register to be presented at the MDAH Review Board in January.
  3. Russell Archer notified the commission that the other projects; Hollandale Survey, Washington County Courthouse application were also on track for completion.
  4. Brad Jones had ordered the post for the John Fox Marker.
  5. MDOT had not approved the Commission's grant for the Depot.
  6. MDAH had not notified the commission if we got/not the Community Heritage grant for the depot.
  7. Bank statements were reviewed and the Planters account was inactive, so Betty Coleman made the motion to put in at least $ 5.00 every 6 months to keep the account active. After some discussion it was suggested we actively try to get donated money into this account for the Historic Marker program. Anne Martin 2nd the motion and it passed.
  8. Anne Martin had made the necessary adjustments to receive the Commissions computer and Adobe Premiere Elements 8 video Photoshop program and ‘Adobe Premiere Elements for Dummies’ book, video camera, microphone, DVD’s, CD’s, mini DVC’s (for video camera) camera tripod, all the equipment involved in our Oral History Program.
  9. No word on the National Trust Modernism + Recent past program. Which probably means we didn’t get it?
  10. The downtown Greenville plot maps were shown with the parcel numbers attached to each plot, so the commission could easily look up the property owners of each property in the historic district.
  11. As soon as the ordinance to establish the local district passed Lonnie Looper would put the COA’s on the Commission’s web site.
  12. CLG grants for next year was discussed and estimates from ”A Sure Sign” for downtown historic district signage was discussed. The need to update our website with the addition of the new downtown business district was discussed also, and Melanie made the motion we submit a grant for both the historic district signs and updating of the website in the amount of $2,000.00 which the commission would be responsible for $1,000.00 of that. Betty 2nd and motion passed.

New Business

  1. Wesley Smith (Washington County CVB director) has a niece Chaney Mullins that was looking for a historical project. Walley had suggested newspaper articles on historic properties like Katie Dean had done in Leland. One of her articles was passed around. After some discussion the need for the commission to do more in acknowledging historic properties located in Washington County was acknowledge. Princella Nowell brought up after May of next year she could be more involved in the Commissions projects and had a good bit of information. The downtown walking tour brochure was discussed and the CVB would help the commission in that project. It was agreed that everyone would bring whatever information they had to the next meeting to start working on that project.
  2. Walley brought up that the entire commissioners' terms would be up in February 2012 and needed to know if anybody wanted to be replaced. Dorothy Williams was resigning due to illness with regrets from the commission. Melanie brought up the name of Keith Douglas again as possible commissioners. Walley would notify the city council on the need for a replacement.
  3. Princella asked about the upcoming meeting at the Capps Center in Stoneville November 16, 2011 for the Mississippi Delta National Heritage Area. Betty, Princella, Emmett, Walley were all planning to go and probably Johnnie Pearl. Walley had already notified them that we would be attending. Walley would remind everyone about the meeting and possible car pool.
  4. Walley had been supplied a key to the outside door of the courthouse Key # 444 so the commission would have access to the courthouse without someone having to stay late.
  5. Meeting adjourned 6:53 PM until December 13, 2011 at the Percy Public Library.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – November 8, 2011