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Washington County Courthouse
January 10, 2012

  • 6:18 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Roll Call of Commissioners: Walley Morse, Melanie Sanders, Princella Nowell, Anne Martin, Emmett Smith. Dell Jones and Johnnie Gibson, Betty Coleman excused. Dorothy Williams absent.
  • Minutes of Meeting December 13th, 2011 discussed. Since all members get a copy of the minutes it was agreed that the reading of the last monthly minutes was not necessary.
  • No Guests.
Old Business
  1. Election of officers was conducted. Anne Martin made a motion for the current officers to retain their current position with the exception of Dorothy Williams as Vice Chair. She nominated Emmett Smith to fill that position. 2nd by Melanie Sanders and passed.
  2. MDAH had requested that the Ella Darling School be included into the Downtown Greenville Historic District to be listed on the National Register. All the nominations to the Register will be done on Jan 19th. Chair, Princella Nowell signed a letter of support to MDAH to be included with letters from Main Street and Convention and Visitors Bureau to be sent to MDAH.
  3. CLG grant for the application for downtown National Register would be finalized once MDAH OK’d the competition and acceptance of that application.
  4. National Trust modernism grant could not be found on the internet. Must have changed plans.
  5. Anne Martin gave a report on the Oral History Program. Walley supplied her with the list of prospects. Anne was having trouble with the Commissions computer, and it was holding up progress. Anne requested the Commission to find funds to provide a better computer for the auditing and storing of the oral histories.
  6. Bank Statements were reviewed.
  7. Stacy Childress' photos of Leroy Percy Park were shown and discussed—hotos of the original lodge. Walley had met with the ranger at Leroy Percy to see if they had funds to frame the photos. They did not, so Walley is going to the Board of Supervisors to see if they would pay to have the photo’s framed and presented to the Park. Emmett brought up the fact he had a number of items that could be displayed at the park and was going to contact them with that proposal.
  8. Benjy Nelken and Brad Jones had gone down to the bridge to secure part of it for the proposed bridge and John Fox marker display at the Welcome Center.
  9. Russell Archer had submitted to MDAH the preliminary historic survey for downtown Hollandale on December 15th as per the contract agreed upon. Hopefully Walley will meet up with Russell later in the week to discuss progress.
  10. Russell had submitted a contract for the nomination of the Washington County Courthouse to the National Register. That nomination was approved by the Washington County Board of Supervisors on August 22, 2011 with the amount of $1,700.00. The Commission Chair Princella Nowell signed the contract with the understanding that the Board of Supervisors will reimburse the Commission. Contract stipulates that ½ payment upon submission to MDAH of the first draft and remainder upon completed nomination to MDAH.
  11. Community Heritage Grant required workshop in Jackson to be held January 27th. MDOT’s Transportation Enhancement grant was discussed for the Depot. With the $108,000 grant from MDAH the Commission could use that as match for a $ 400,000. grant from MDOT giving the Commission $ 500,000. for the renovation of the Depot for the Chamber of Commerce and Delta Economic Development Center. Princella signed the grant application which is due January 20th.
  12. Walking Tour brochure for downtown was discussed. Anne agreed to help work on that project.

New Business

  1. Property owners meeting at Jim’s Café on Dec 28th was positive. Rebecca Goodman of S. Goodman’s Store organized the meeting and some 20 people attended. Walley explained the pros and con’s of both, Historic Districts on the National Register and Local Historic District.
  2. Walley is going to have a presentation at the Kiwanis Club at the County Club January 24th at noon. All commissioners are encouraged to attend. He will go over the differences of both districts and answer questions.
  3. Walley passed out copies of “The Historical News” that Lisa Winters (CVB) had given him. In support of that publication members of the Commission were encouraged to submit articles to the publication.
  4. Emmett mentioned that there was a grist mill stone in front a liquor store on Main Street that was too large to move and was curious if anybody knew any history of it.
  5. Betty Coleman and Melanie Sanders had submitted their resignation due to having their schedules in overload. It was discussed that ex-councilman Carl McGee would be a good fit for the Commission if he would accept the post.
  6. The destruction of the One Block East building on Washington Ave was discussed with Walley showing photos of the inside of the building. Walley had talked to Wilkerson who was doing the demolishing and they would start Thursday Jan 12th. It was noted that all commissions need to be familiar with the local ordinances and the commission’s Design Guidelines in preparation of having a Local Historic District downtown.
  7. Meeting adjourned 7:27 PM until February 14th, 2012.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – January 10, 2012