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Washington County Courthouse
February 14, 2012

  • 6:15 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Roll Call of Commissioners: Princella Nowell, Dell Jones, Anne Martin (excused), Johnnie Gibson (excused), Emmett Smith (absent)
  • New Commissioners: Barry Piltz, Rebecca Goodman, with Jessie Williams (absent)
  • Only 4 members present, which does not represent a quorum. No binding decision can be made by the commission.
  • Guests recognized: Walley Morse (CLG coordinator) Ann Morse, Celia Goodman Leventhal, Jane Skelton and Donna Riley (DDT reporter).
Old Business
  1. National Register nomination for Does/Carousel had been approved at the state level and was forwarded by MDAH to Washington DC. Usually takes about 45 days until formal recognition. Downtown Historic District was tabled by Mr. Hank Holmes until the next meeting in May.
  2. Ordinance to establish a LOCAL downtown historic district still in the city ordinance committee. Walley brought up the fact as CLG coordinator his responsibilities still gave him the power to move forward with that ordinance request. Barry and Rebecca expressed their views on the establishing of a historic district, with the notation that Leland, Cleveland, Indianola, Greenwood all had LOCAL historic districts and their success in their districts should send a clear message to those in the proposed downtown historic district. Walley said he would schedule a meeting with the mayor.
  3. Since the National Register application was put on hold, there seems to be no need for a CLG grant. And since there was no quorum, no decision could be made on that application.
  4. Oral History report. Anne Martin was excused.
  5. Stacy Childress Leroy Percy Park photos were at the framing shop. No decision was made on to whom the commission would give them to.
  6. John Fox marker. No word from Brad Jones.
  7. Hollandale historic resource survey had been submitted to MDAH. A copy of that survey was given to Dell Jones our Hollandale commissioner. Walley said he would do the application to the National Register from that survey. Hopefully have it ready for the May national register review board.
  8. Russell Archer had all the necessary information for the application for the Washington County Courthouse listing on the National Register.
  9. Bank statements reviewed. Noted that MDAH owed the commission $2,500.00 for the competition of the application for Downtown Historic Business district to the National Register.
  10. Community Heritage Grant from MDAH grant workshop had been attended to by Walley, and necessary Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) had been signed. The commission is still not obligated to accept the grant, and does not have to use the whole grant. The completion time line would be December 1, 2014. Walley had applied for $500.000 from MDOT’s Transportation Enhancement Grant and would use the MDAH as a match for that grant. MDOT schedule for grant awards was March 2012. Walley noted that since 2006 Indianola had received $979,000 Clarksdale $2,100,864 Cleveland $806,702 Greenwood $1,121,158 even Moorhead had received $142,725 for their depot renovation and Greenville had received NO funds under the TE grant. Craig Bjorgum with Belinda Stewart Architects had called and had contracts ready to be signed for the depot. The lack of a quorum prevented any decisions. Larry Jones, director Delta Economic Development Center, was released from his contract. He had previously said that the commission need not worry about the MDAH match of $27,000 that Delta EDC would come up with the funds. Al Brock said he would check with Delta EDC to see if they still were committed to the Depot project.
  11. Walking tour brochure for downtown Greenville was discussed. Washington County CVB on their web site had the tour laid out, but wanted photos and history of each location to enhance the walking tour experience. No decision was reached.
  12. Walley reported on the Kiwanis meeting January 24, 2012. Walley had explained the difference in Local and National Historic districts. He felt they all had a better understanding of the difference in districts.

New Business

  1. Walley had received a card from Dorothy Williams expressing her regrets and the necessity of her resigning from the commission.
  2. Arcadia Publishing had proposed the commission do a book on Greenville. Princella had co-authored a book on Washington County; Walley had a copy of the book. Walley noted that the commission would receive 8% of sales, which would be about $1.75 per book. Project tabled until next meeting.
  3. Letter to Hank Holmes and Jim Woodrick reviewed. Walley felt that MDAH was not supporting the Joint Historic Commission and expressed his disappointment with MDAH.
  4. The meeting with Hollandale Economic Development had been postponed until a later date.
  5. Mills and Mills Architect staff, Emily Poole and William Mills had expressed the desire to review the Depot and be considered for the Depot project. Everything hinged on the MDOT grant.
  6. MDAH required workshop in Winona on the 29th of February. Walley planned to attend and would check to see if anybody else wanted to go.
  7. Meeting adjourned 7:45 PM until March 13, 2012.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – February 14, 2012