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Washington County Courthouse
March 13, 2012

  • 6:00 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Roll Call of Commissioners, Princella Nowell, Anne Martin, Emmett Smith, Rebecca Goodman, Barry Piltz, Walley Morse, Jessie Williams, Dell Jones (excused) Johnnie Pearl Gibson (excused).
  • Guests: William Mills and Emily Poole
  • Minutes from February 14th, 2012 read, motion to accept by Anne Martin, 2nd by Princella Nowell, passed.
Old Business
  1. MDOT Transportation Grant for Depot notices will be later this month. William Mills and Emily Poole from Mills and Mills Architect gave a power point presentation on their qualification to do the Y&MV Railroad Depot project. Cary Karlson, executive director of the Delta Economic Development Center is supposed to notify the commission on their commitment to the depot.
  2. City Ordinance to establish a LOCAL downtown historic district still being held up by Mayor Jordan. Walley noted that he had sent off the NR application to Washington DC.
  3. Oral History program by Anne Martin hopefully will pick up speed. The commission’s computer still having problems with it.
  4. Stacy Childress photos still at Frame Shop. Anne Martin made to motion to donate the photos to the Leroy Percy Park, Emmett 2nd and motion passed.
  5. John Fox marker still in limbo. Walley has tried to get the Mayor involved so it will get up.
  6. Hollandale Resource survey completed with card files and photos. Barry wanted to see the Greenville Survey and Walley said he would get it to him.
  7. Russell Archer still working on the application to the National Register for the Washington County Courthouse. Commission wanted to make sure that the Monument in front was also enclosed. Princella commented that the arboretum should also be in the nomination.
  8. Bank Statements will be reviewed next month.
  9. Walking tour brochure, it was agreed that the commission should start compiling information on those structures in the walking tour.
  10. MDAH workshop in Winona on establishing a local historic district and MDAH website www.apps.mdah.ms.gov/public
  11. Arcadia Publishing proposal. It was agreed that proposal would be a good project and Walley would see what all is involved and report at the next meeting.
  12. Walley was appointed by the Board of Supervisors February 21, 2012 to the Commission to replace Betty Coleman.
  13. Grants from MDAH and King Daughters were finalized. Awaiting reimbursement from MDAH for $2,250.00.
  14. Johnnie Pearl was excused so no report on the Lizzie Coleman day.
  15. Washington County Tombstone project was discussed. Emmett and Walley were to start looking at the feasibility of photographing the cemeteries with GPS coordinates.

New Business

  1. Johl & Bergman building, owned by Stanley Sherman, façade had been torn down exposing the original façade.
  2. Meeting adjourned until April 10, 2012.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – March 13, 2012