Minutes – April 10, 2012   

Washington County Courthouse
April 10, 2012

  • 6:00 PM Meeting called to order
  • No Guests
  • Commissioners present: Barry Piltz, Rebecca Goodman, Jessie Williams, Walley Morse, Princella Nowell, Emmett Smith, Dell Jones, Anne Martin and Johnnie Pearl Gibson.
  • Minutes of the meeting March 13, 2012 reviewed, Anne motioned to accept, Jessie 2nd, passed.
Old Business
  1. MDOT Transportation Enhancement grant; no word from MDOT. Walley had met with the transportation committee of the Delta EDC and discussed the grant and possibility of the EDC to occupy the Depot. Anne motioned for the Commission to go before the Delta EDC board and get and yes or no if they are committed to the Depot so the Commission may look for another tenant if the EDC doesn’t want the building. Walley and other members will present before the board. Jessie 2nd and it passed. Walley will notify the commissioners when that meeting will take place.
  2. City Ordinance to establish a local historic district still on hold. Mayor Jordan and councilwoman Weathers are scheduled to meet with Bill Gatlin, MDAH, to discuss the local ordinance.
  3. Anne Martin brought the commission up on the oral history program. She was scheduled to do Percy Bell this week, and some kin of hers this weekend. Walley suggested she bring back the computer to him so he can work on it.
  4. Stacy Childress photos were passed around and discussed. Leroy Percy Park photos had been framed at a cost to the commission of $127.12 from Picture Perfect. Presentation to the Park will be media scheduled and commissioners informed of when.
  5. John Fox marker is close to being installed. Everything had been done and hopefully the Mayor will schedule a Photo Op of the occasion.
  6. Russell Archer is still working on the application to the National Register for the Courthouse. He had hoped to be ready by the May 17, 2012 review board, but would not make it. It would be ready by the next review.
  7. Copy of letter from Department of Interior to Mr. Holmes (MDAH director) was read by Princella concerning the application to the National Register of Historic Districts. Walley had received another letter from MDAH stating that the application will be presented on the May 17, 2012 Review Board. It was felt that the commission should get some notification from Department of Interior before that May 17th meeting.
  8. Bank statements were reviewed.
  9. Walking Tour brochure was temporally tabled.
  10. Washington County Cemetery project was discussed. Johnnie Pearl discussed some privacy issues may surface if people didn’t want that information out to the public. She would contact Redmond Funeral Home and see what type of records they had. Barry noted that Boone Funeral Home had the old Wells Funeral Home records. Walley said he would look into what information would be available. It was discussed that the GPS coordinates could be posted on the web site, and when information was available a link could be done via the internet to access those records. As the project expands some Grant funding may be available.
  11. Hollandale resource survey had been completed and check from the City of Hollandale to Russell Archer for $800.00 had been written. Walley was doing the application to the National Register based on that survey.
  12. Arcadia Publishing proposal for a book on Greenville was discussed. Princella talked of her experience in doing her book on “Washington County” for them. It was agreed a worthwhile project, and the help of Benjy Nelken, City Museum, would be vital in the success of that project. Johnnie Pearl motioned to table and give the commission a chance to talk to Benjy before committing to a long term project. Jessie 2nd, and passed.

New Business

  1. Mississippi Historic Preservation Conference at Ocean Springs on April 26-27 was discussed. Johnnie Pearl had hoped to attend, but family issues may prevent that. Betty Lynne Cameron/Benjy Nelken were going representing Greenville.
  2. The establishing of a bronze marker program was discussed. That program would offer those structures that were listed on the National Register of Historic Places an opportunity to purchase a marker for their building from the commission. A uniform marker in the shape of Mississippi could be purchased as an example, or if grant funding was available to furnish those markers to those that wanted them. Anne Martin motioned for Walley to pursue the grant possibilities, both from MDAH and King Daughters and Sons. Dell Jones 2nd, passed.
  3. Since all nine members were in attendance a photo was planned, but Barry left right before the meeting closed, he had another meeting to attend. A photo was still taken, with maybe a photo shop addition of Barry.
  4. Meeting adjourned at 7:21 until May 8th 2012.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – April 10, 2012