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Washington County Courthouse
May 8, 2012

  • 6:00 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Al Brock recognized as guest
  • Commissioners present: Walley Morse, Princella Nowell, Jessie Williams, Johnnie Pearl Gibson, Barry Piltz, Rebecca Goodman, Ann Martin excused, Dell Jones and Emmett Smith absent
  • Minutes from April 10, 2012 approved.
Old Business
  1. MDOT grant for the Y&MV railroad depot had been awarded by Dick Hall in a ceremony at the depot on May 3rd 2012. A large photo opp check for $400.000 had been presented to the commission. But no official notification had been received. Mrs. Hafter had called MDOT and made a point that under the state statue the commission could not receive and hold real property. That being said the Mayor/Chuck Jordan and President of the Board of Supervisors/Paul Watson quickly noted that the title to the depot could be changed/transferred. Since the commission was not authorized to receive the depot the C&G was notified and a new deed was being done to the City/County. A motion was made by Johnnie Pearl Gibson to authorize Walley to sign any and all documents on behalf of the Commission to transfer said deed to the city/county. Jessie Williams 2nd and motion passed. Since in essence the commission no longer owned the depot the two grants the commission had received from MDOT and MDAH for the rehabilitation of the depot should be administered by the owners of the depot. Johnnie Pearl Gibson made the motion that Walley take whatever steps necessary to transfer those grants to the city/county. Jessie 2nd motion passed.
  2. Walley had met with Mayor Jordan and discussed the depot/grants/application to National Register and the Local Historic District Ordinance. It was the Mayors understanding that local ordinance needed to just wait for approximately 6 months while everything else needed to settle. That being said Johnnie Peal Gibson made a revised motion for the commission not to meet for 3 months unless events deemed it necessary, Jessie 2nd and motion passed. Next commission meeting set for August 14, 2012.
  3. Stacy Childress photos of the Leroy Percy Park had been presented to the Park by Walley and Johnnie Pearl on May 3rd 2012. Betty Barnett, Park Manager said she would post them in the lobby with other memorabilia.
  4. Princella read an e-mail from Russell Archer stating that he should have the nomination for the Washington County Courthouse ready for the September National Register Review Board.
  5. The National Register nomination for the Downtown District was set for May 17th and Russell Archer will present a power point presentation in support of that nomination. Letter from National Park Service was discussed concerning that nomination. Since the review board had NOT refused that nomination the process was premature. That meeting will be held at MDAH in Jackson, Walley is set to attend—again.
  6. Bank Statements were reviewed, and noted that the check from MDAH for $2,250.00 had been received and deposited for the reimbursement of money spent in the application to the national register.
  7. Washington County Cemetery project had been tabled.
  8. Walley was going to do the application to the National Register for Hollandale.
  9. Book on Greenville for Arcadia Publishing tabled.
  10. Bronze marker program tabled.
  11. Letters from MDAH on Does Eat Place and Carousel was passed around with their placement on the National Register of Historic Places on March 27, 2012.
  12. Princella Nowell told of her experience with a tour group off a boat going down the Mississippi. These were tourist from other countries as well as from the US. Consensus by the tourist was that the downtown area had been abandoned. With additional input by Al Brock the need for a community wide ambassador training program was noted.

New Business

  1. Al Brock brought the commission up to speed on the positive things going on downtown and the Main Street program in support of the Commission.
  2. The Mississippi Delta National Heritage Area Community Forums on Tuesday May 15 and the Higher Education Center from 10 am to noon.
  3. MDAH Preservation Boot Camp June 21-22, 2012 in Jackson
  4. MDAH representatives Hank Holmes, Jim Woodrick, Ken Pool will be in town Wednesday May 9th for a goodwill visit. Set to met with the Mayor, lunch with Walley and later meet with the Hafters.
  5. King Daughters and Sonís Circle # 2 Grant was discussed. Due June 1, 2012. If in fact the National Register District moves forward the possibility of submitting a grant for signage was discussed.
  6. Meeting adjourned until August 14, 2012 7:04 PM.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – May 8, 2012