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Washington County Courthouse
August 14, 2012

  • 6:00 p.m. meeting called to order by Vice Chair Emmett Smith, Chair Princella Nowell excused.
  • Roll Call of Commissioners: Barry Piltz, Rebecca Goodman, Jessie Williams, Walley Morse, Emmett Smith, Dell Jones, Anne Martin, Princella Nowell and Johnnie Pearl Gibson excused.
  • Guests recognized, Al Brock (Greenville Main Street), Sarah Kramer (DDT news).
  • Minutes from May 8th read, motion to accept made and passed.
Old Business
  1. MDOT and MDAH grants have been turned over to the South Delta Planners. Allison Denson will be the contact person. They have agreed to administer the two grants. Greg Claus said the Commission would have no involvement in the grant process from this point forward. Greg said that they had received the MDOT grant award notice, but we have not received a copy of that award notice yet. Commissioners reviewed the new deed done by the C&G, giving the Depot to the City of Greenville and Washington County Board of supervisors for the benefit of the Joint Greenville-Washington County Historic Preservation Commission. Deed recorded 06/11/12 in Book 201201 page 2562.
  2. Anne Martin gave up date on the oral history program. The computer wasn’t working and Walley requested the computer back so he could get it up and running again.
  3. The application to the National Register of Historic Places for the Washington County Courthouse was ongoing. Russell Archer said he would have it for the January review board.
  4. Bank Statements were reviewed and Anne made the motion to take the funds out of the Planters Bank and put those in the Commissions account at Trustmark. $120.00 in funds. Barry 2nd the motion, and passed.
  5. Rebecca gave a recap of the Design & Tax Credit Workshop conducted on August 7, 2012. Tax credits were designed to assist those property owners who wanted to invest in their properties and reduce their overall cost. Very informative. Todd Sanders (MDAH) presentation made it clear the first step is to call him 601-576-6940 or email tsanders@mdah.state.ms.us before you get started.
  6. Walley is responsible for the application for the National Register Nomination for Hollandale. Dell Jones agreed to work with Walley to get all the information that has been compiled and get the application done for the January 2013 review board.
  7. Walley has been in contact with Dosha Cummins (dfcummins@suddenlink.net) on the proposed book on Greenville. The book has evolved into a postcard book that will require buying postcards from the MDAH digital files at a cost of $40.00 each. After some discussion and since the commission is not funded by either the city or county and we have to look for grants on any project we undertake it was decided to not get involved with the book.
  8. September 20, 2012 meeting in Jackson at 1PM for the National Register Review Board meeting was discussed. Rebecca made the motion that we secure a large van and get as many concerned citizens as we could to go down to Jackson for the meeting. She even brought up the idea of all who goes wear the same green polo shirts in support of GREENville. Dell 2nd, motion passed. Guest Al Brock suggested that Greenville Main Street may provide funds for the van. Anne Martin suggested we do a news story as we load up the van to go to Jackson.
  9. Part of the bridge had been placed at the Welcome Center and the post to hold the John Fox marker had been set, but still no marker.
  10. Walley had scheduled to go before the Board of Supervisors and the City Council to give an update on the Commission and Warfield Point Park, basically to cover all the responsibilities of the Commission and our accomplishments. No mention of the pending City Ordinance would be made.

New Business

  1. Walley had photographs of the before and after of a number of properties that the façade had been done, even noted that the Hafter property next to the old Sears building façade was being removed exposing the original brick. Walley had talked to Betty Lynn Cameron, Greenville Main Street, and her keeping the Commission informed on façade changes so the commission could send letters of congratulation to those owners who express civic pride in fixing up their properties. Beth Mansour and Leigh Harris had been doing a great job in instilling that pride in the local property owners.
  2. Meeting Adjourned until October 9, 2012.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – August 14, 2012