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Washington County Courthouse
November 13, 2012

  • 6:00 p.m. meeting called to order by vice chair Emmett Smith
  • Guests recognized: Al Brock, Benjy Nelken, Betty Lynn Cameron, Sarah Kramer (DDT News)
  • Roll Call of Commissioners: Barry Piltz, Rebecca Goodman, Jessie Williams, Walley Morse, Emmett Smith, Princella Nowell (little late). Anne Martin, Johnnie Pearl Gibson had resigned. Dell Jones was excused for illness.
  • Old minutes were passed over.
Old Business
  1. Old depot grant was discussed with Allyson Denson’s (South Delta Planners) E-Mail read by Emmett. Grant moving very slowly. The need to have a liaison between the Commission and South Delta Planners was discussed and Barry Piltz volunteered to act as go between to keep the commission informed on the progress being made.
  2. The recreantly passed ordinance establishing a LOCAL historic district was discussed. Walley had met with Carlon Williams (City Planning Department Director) to get everybody on the same page as what was each person's responsibility. After some discussion, with input from Al Brock and Betty Lynn Cameron, Emmett made the motion and Jessie 2nd to table any decision on the commission’s involvement with the painting of facades that is currently being done in the downtown historic district. Walley would contact other Commissions and see how they handle the issue. The building at 643 Washington Ave. was discussed with photos showing hole in roof and appearance that the building was being ‘demolished by neglect’. According to tax rolls, Elgin Pollard is the owner and Al Brock said he had spoken to Mr. Pollard on a few occasions, but as yet nothing had been done to the building. Emmett made the motion and Jessie 2nd to contact the Planning Department and inform them that the commission felt further action needed to be taken place to prevent the building's further decay. Motion passed, and Walley will contact Carlon Williams for the next step according to Article IX Historic Preservation Sec 3-233 of the City of Greenville’s code of Ordinances.
  3. Princella read an e-mail from Dosha Cummings noting that her Greenville Book project had met a snag and she would not pursue that project any longer.
  4. Walley and Benjy had been at the application to the National Register for the Downtown Greenville Business district and everything had gone smoothly, and we were awaiting the designation from the Department of the Interior.
  5. Wally read an e-mail from Russell Archer where the January meeting for the National Register had been scrapped and it would be March before the County Courthouse application could be presented. The Hollandale application would be presented at that same meeting.

New Business

  1. Walley had notified MDAH that the Commission would be applying for $3,500.00 in Grant money for signage for the downtown historic district and the posting of photos with addresses and non-contributing or contributing status on the commission’s web site. Matching funding could be from the City/County and or King Daughters and Sons Circle # 2. Betty Lynn and Greenville Main Street would be involved with the signage and work together. A large sign at the entrance to the Historic Downtown Business District was suggested.
  2. Walley had purchased a bronze National Register plaque from Amazon for $129.00. The plaque was viewed and Barry made the motion and Rebecca 2nd to reimburse Walley for the Plaque and initiate a National Register Plaque program where the Commission would offer properties listed on the National Register the opportunity to purchase a plaque with that designation. Motion passed.
  3. Walley Morse informed the commission that he would be resigning as secretary at the January 2013 meeting and that Commissioner Jessie Williams had agreed to fill the secretary role. Walley would still do grants and act as CLG Coordinator between the commission and MDAH.
  4. All commissioners received a copy of Shelby Parker's narrative of Greenville that appeared in the Civil War Courier August 2012 edition.
  5. Princella Nowell read the resignation with regrets of Johnnie Pearl Gibson and noted that she was resigning in January, and Anne Martin had resigned due to work conflicts.
  6. Jessie Williams had attended the Delta Area Heritage workshop in Cleveland, and Walley noted that the funding for that had been cut off by OBAMA. Jessie said they had the funding? Will have to wait and see how that plays out.
  7. Regional MDAH training for 2013 will be in Cleveland February 13, 2013 and the Boot Camp June 13-14, 2013. It is worthwhile noting that there are 64 HPC (Heritage Preservation Commissions) in the state, all competing for funds.
  8. Mississippi Historical Society meeting would be in Vicksburg February 28 - March 2, 2013. Hopefully we could car pool those interested in going.
  9. Meeting adjourned 7:17 PM until December 11, 2012.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – November 13, 2012