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Washington County Courthouse
December 11, 2012

  • 6:04 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Recognize guests: Sarah Kramer - DDT reporter, Carlon Williams - City Planning Dept. Director.
  • Minutes from Nov. 13, 2012 read and approved as read.
  • Roll Call of Commissioners: Princella Nowell, Emmett Smith, Jessie Williams, Barry Piltz, Rebecca Goodman, Walley Morse, Dell Jones. (2 members have resigned).
Old Business
  1. Carlon Williams, City Planning Department, gave an overview of the procedure when a contributing property in the LOCAL historic district that the commission feels is going to “demolition by neglect.” The planning department was moving forward with our last request on the property at 643 Washington Ave.
  2. MS Williams had agreed to put the COA form on the Planning Department's ‘forms’ website and the commission was also putting the COA on its website so the forms could be downloaded without coming to the Planning Department.
  3. CLG grant for 2013 reviewed with the addition of the Washington Ave./Main Street Residential District signage included in that grant.
  4. First draft of the Washington County Courthouse application to the National Register of Historic Places had is received from Russell Archer. Rebecca motioned to pay Mr. Archer the $850.00 as ˝ payments with the rest due when the application to the national register was complete. Barry 2nd motion passed and check written.
  5. Hollandale application to National Register still in progress by Walley Morse.
  6. Bronze marker program will be offered to those properties listed on the National Register.
  7. Bank statement reviewed.
  8. Dosha Cummins was back on plan with her book on Greenville. All commissioners would be on the lookout for photos to help her with her project.

New Business

  1. Walley brought the Stacy Childress files for Princella to hold for safekeeping.
  2. The new levee markers that had been placed on the levee were put on the commission’s website under MARKERS. Lonnie Looper, the webmaster who worked on the commission’s website was discussed. In appreciation of all his efforts. Rebecca made a motion to give him a $100.00 check with Jessie 2nd, motion passed, and check written.
  3. Commission discussed projects for the upcoming year. The Courthouse and Hollandale application to the National Register was already in progress. The addition of the Miller Memorial Building, the Industrial College building, and other projects were discussed.
  4. Walley brought some files for Jessie Williams to go over in her role as new secretary for the commission in 2013.
  5. The legality of the City Ordinance establishing the LOCAL historic district was discussed with MDAH director supposedly handling that. It was decided that the commission would wait another month before instituting their inquiry to the Attorney General’s office.
  6. Walley was starting to take the downtown photos to put on the website of the new Historic District with contributing and non-contributing status on each photo.
  7. Suggestions were given on prospective new commissioners were placed. Bob Boyd, Steven Tanksley, Ronnie Williams were just a few of the names suggested.
  8. Meeting adjourned 7:16 PM.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse, Secretary.
  Minutes – December 11, 2012