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Washington County Courthouse
January 8, 2013

  • 6:00 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Roll Call of Commissioners: Princella Nowell, Walley Morse, Jessie Williams, Rebecca Goodman, Barry Piltz, and Emmett Smith. Dell Jones excused.
  • Recognize Guests: None
  • Minutes from December 11, 2012 reviewed
Old Business
  1. Princella Norwell, thanked the commission for allowing her to serve as the chairman of the Commission for the past years.
  2. Election of Officers: Nomination of Emmett Smith for Chairman by Barry Piltz, 2nd by Walley Morse. Unanimous vote. Nomination of Barry Piltz for Vice Chair by Princella Nowell, Unanimous vote. Nomination of Jessie Williams as secretary by Emmett Smith, 2nd by Barry Piltz. Passing of the gavel from Princella Nowell to Emmett Smith, and Emmett conducted the rest of the meeting. Nomination of Mable Starks was made by Rebecca Goodman to become a member of the Commission, the vote was unanimous.
  3. Historic Preservation District: The Commission voted to send a letter to the Attorney General’s Office asking for legal opinion on opting out of a district.
  4. Depot: Rebecca Goodman raised concerns about the depot. But Princella suggested we postpone discussion about the depot.
  5. Grant Monies: Barry opened the discussion in an effort to gain clarification as to who was responsible for the implementing/carrying out of various grant projects in the city.
  6. Projects and Information shared was:
    • MDOT – This grant expires 06/30/2014 and MDAH expires 12/21/2014.
    • The discussion reopened about the depot and it was suggested that the commission become more aggressive in the status of the grant process.
    • Barry was given the task of asking Lorenzo Anderson and Kerry Karlson about the specific guidelines surrounding the MDOT and MDAH grants.
  7. Website: Lonnie Looper was paid $100.00 for updating the HPC website. The addition of a forms section and the MOA’s with the ability of contributing property owners in the local historic district to access the COA’s without going to the Planning Department. Carlon Williams would be informed that a link from the city's website to the commission’s webpage would have everybody on the same page.
  8. Russell Archer was paid $850.00 for submitting the first draft of the nomination of the Washington County Courthouse to the National Register of Historic Places.

New Business

  1. MDAH Workshop February 13, 2013 in Cleveland. Walley is going and will provide transportation for anybody else that wants to go.
  2. Walley would attend the Cities Properties Committee Meeting the 9th with Jessie concerning the procedures in establishing "demolition by neglect" of property in the local historic district.
  3. Meeting adjourned until February 12, 2013.
— Minutes done by Jessie Williams, Secretary.
  Minutes – January 8, 2013