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Washington County Courthouse
February 12, 2013

  • 6:15 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Roll call of Commissioners: Walley Morse, Jessie Williams, Barry Piltz, Emmett Smith; Rebecca Goodman. Dell Jones excused.
  • Recognize guests: Lorenzo Anderson, Sarah Kramer and Al Brock.
  • Minutes from January 8th reviewed.
Old Business
  1. Lorenzo brought the commission up to speed on the Grant for the Depot. Proposal request from architects were posted in the Jackson paper and were due March 21, 2013 at which time they would decide on a point system who would get the job. Lorenzo assured the commission that the project would be completed within the timeline.
  2. Monthly meeting with those involved, Mayor’s office, Commission, Board of Supervisors, South Delta Planners, Economic Development, would take place to keep everybody in the loop.
  3. Bank Statement was reviewed.
  4. The nomination for the Courthouse to the National Register was still moving slowly. Nomination for downtown Hollandale 1st draft had been submitted.
  5. The Attorney General’s office had responded to our request on the local ordinance, and their reply was that the City/County could make any type of local district that they choose, with any additions/subtractions that they choose. So the Ordinance is legal, but the city still has the options to change that ordinance as they see fit.
  6. City Council was still required to appoint 2 members to the commission and the county 1 to bring the commission back up to the number we are required to have.
  7. Walley and Emmett were going to the MDAH workshop in Cleveland February 13th.
  8. Walley and Jessie had met with the City Housing Committee and discussed the procedure on establishing ‘demolition by neglect’. The city had sent out letters to the property owner involved.
  9. Walley was submitting to MDAH the CLG grant after he got the Mayors/Board of Supervisors signature for $3,500 to cover the placements of Historical Markers in the new Downtown Historic District and also in the Main/Washington Historic Residential District—also to update our website with pictures of all the properties in the new district listed on the National Register.

New Business

  1. MS Historical Society Meeting in Vicksburg, February 28/March 2, 2013 was discussed. Walley will be going down on Friday March 1st and asked if anybody wanted to go with him.
  2. Walley had met with Hull Historical Architectural Millwork from Fort Worth TX, and they looked at the Depot. They will be involved with the County Courthouse and left a book, which was passed on to Barry documenting their work.
  3. MS Delta Heritage Area meeting will be held in Greenwood at the Museum of the Mississippi Delta onTuesday, Feb. 26th, 2013. Public meeting for all those who are interested.
  4. Meeting adjourned until March 12, 2013.
— Minutes done by Jessie Williams, Secretary.
  Minutes – February 12, 2013