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Washington County Courthouse
June 11, 2013

  • 6:05 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Roll Call: Walley Morse, Emmett Smith, Jessie Williams, Barry Piltz, Leonard Williams, Cary Karlson, and Rebecca Goodman. Dell Jones and Netty Seard were excused. Recognize Guests: Al Brock, (Greenville Main Street), Sarah Kramer, (DDT Reporter)
Old Business
  1. Wally motioned to approve the COA submitted by Bobby Dadlani for the property at 301 Washington Ave for facade changes to the front of the building and the installation of the new windows on the 2nd floor of the building. Emmett 2nd and the motion passed. Barry brought up the fact that the COA was not as detailed as it should be, however it was agreed since it was our first COA it was important to send the message we wanted to work with the property owners in the newly formed Historic Downtown District.
  2. Since a building permit was not required for the work being done on the 301 Washington Ave Property, Walley felt like the City Ordinance Article 1X Historic Preservation Sec. 3-227 that states: NO EXTERIOR FEATURE OF ANY RESOURCE SHALL BE ALTERED, RELOCATED, OR DEMOLISHED UNTIL AN APPLICATION FOR A CIRTIFICATE OF APPROPRIATENESS OF SUCH WORK HAS BEEN APPROVED BY THE COMMISSION was not enforced. It is the City Council’s responsibility to enforce the cities' ordinances, and the City Council needs to decide how best to enforce that ordinance.
  3. Walley brought up the fact he had contacted Todd Sanders (MDAH Jackson) to start the process of trying to get Mr. Dadiani's tax credit on the work he will be doing in the rehabilitation of the property, and he would do the paperwork. Pictures of the property before and after the work had started were shown with a Main Street Association rendition of what the property will look after the rehabilitation.
  4. Commissioner Leonard Williams gave an update on the County’s plan to put “Welcome to Washington County” signs on Key points coming into Washington County.
  5. Commissioner Jessie Williams asked about the status of the MACE Building, Walley said that the city will not take on the responsibility, however he and Jessie Williams will talk to the leaders of MACE seeking other possibilities.
  6. Barry gave an update on the Y & MV Depot rehabilitation plan. He had been in contact with Allyson Denson with the South Delta Planners, and the contract with Belinda Stewart had been approved by MDAH and was at MDOT, awaiting their signature. Walley thought we should press MDOT and see what the problem is.
  7. Washington County Courthouse and the Business district of Hollandale application to the National Register of Historic Places were at MDAH awaiting further action. Walley had been in contact with MDAH in Jackson, and they said it would probably be November before it would be done.
  8. Mounds - Saturday June 8th. William Thompson of MDAH talked about how to certify a cemetery as abandoned and how to get it certified at MDAH. Also discussed was how MDAH has received $800.000 from MDOT to highlight the Indian Mounds with signage and pull-offs between the Emerald Mound near Natchez and the Winterville Mounds.

New Business

  1. Jessie will check the Carousel plaque status.
  2. Walley, Emmett and Jessie will begin to locate and identify old cemeteries which will be placed on the GPS.
  3. Meeting adjourned until July 9th, 2013.
— Minutes done by Jessie Williams, Secretary.
  Minutes – June 11, 2013