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Washington County Courthouse
July 9, 2013

  • 6:00 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Roll Call of Commissioners: Walley Morse, Barry Piltz, Jessie Williams, Rebecca Goodman, Netty Seard and Leonard Williams. Emmett Smith, Dell Jones and Cary Karlson were excused.
  • Recognize Guest: Mr. Bobby Dadlani
  • Minutes from June 11, 2013 reviewed.
Old Business
  1. Mr. Dadlani presented an additional detailed COA for the work being done on his property at 301 Washington Avenue. Complete with photos of new windows upstairs and the arched windows to be placed on Popular. Commission unanimously approved the COA and will be forwarded back to Planning Department.
  2. Walley noted that the Cottinghams were proceeding with their rehabilitation of the back of Mr. Dadlaniís property at 114 South Poplar. Walley would give Mr. Cottingham a COA for him to fill out on the modification he planned for the front faÁade.
  3. Barry Piltz gave an update on the Depot project and MDOT had returned the Contract with the Architect Belinda Stewart for an unknown reason.
  4. Walley had submitted to MDAH Part 1 of the tax credit application to MDAH for Mr. Dadlaniís property. Todd Sanders, MDAH tax credit administrator will be in Greenville July 16th to look at Mr. Dadlaniís property and the Sears building. Anyone interest May Accompany Wally/Todd call Walley 334-9560.
  5. Walley will submit Part 2 of the application with a detailed explanation of all the work Me. Dadlani plans to do with the property.
  6. Walley gave a report on the MDAH talk at the Winterville Mounds done by William Thompson, Special Projects Officer on Abandoned Cemeteries. Currently only one is listed with the MDAH in Washington County, the Peters-Pettit Cemetery in Avon that was listed in 1978. Nancy Coleman in Lake Washington Area had researched 8 cemeteries with documentation and posted on www.findagrave.com. One of the requirements for abandoned cemeteries is that no one has been buried there in the last 50 years.
  7. Rebecca Goodman gave an update on the business going into the building next to S. Goodman. Mable Starks, the owner, hoped to be open on Friday July 19th.
  8. Russell Archer had e-mailed that the County Courthouse revision were also done and would be ready for the next National Register Review Board, November 21, 2113. Bill Gatlin also e-mailed about Hollandale nomination, that he was reviewing it now.

New Business

  1. Results of Todd Sanders, MDAH tax credit evaluation.
  2. Meeting adjourned until August 13, 2013
— Minutes done by Jessie Williams, Secretary.
  Minutes – July 9, 2013