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Washington County Courthouse
October 8, 2013

  • 6:00 p.m. meeting called to order by Chairman Emmett Smith
  • Recognize guests: Benjy Nelky, Al Brock, William Coppage (DDT reporter)
  • Roll call of commissioners: Walley Morse, Emmett Smith, Netty Seard, Rebecca Goodman, Barry Piltz, Jessie Williams, and Cary Karlson. Dell Jones and Leonard Williams excused.
  • Minutes from September 10th reviewed. Some items were left off the minutes and those are added the beginning of these minutes.
Old business from Sept 10
  1. King Daughters and Sons Circle #2 awarded the commission a grant for $1,000.00 which was deposited in the commissions account. Greenville Main Street had pledged $500.00 and the Washington County CVB had pledged $1,000.00 for the historic district signs in the new district and the old Main/Washington Ave residential district.
  2. Walley and Jessie had met with Vicki Myers and Michael Jones (MDAH) on August 14, 2013 and notified the commission that the commission was no longer a CLG community. We were decertified by the Dept of Interior since we were two separate governments on August 13, 2013. Also the city ordinance (#12-011) with its opted out clause did not met the Dept. of Interior standards and would have to be changed to qualify to be a CLG.
  3. Photos of 435 S Main were shown in the historic residential district. The owners, James and Robert Pugh (Robertsís cell 501-425-1777) had been contacted and made aware of the tax credits available.
  4. Mr. Pollard (820-4857) had met with Walley and agreed to work with Greenville Main Street to improve his property.
  5. COA for Caleb Jones 531 Main street (old service station) was approved. Walley had submitted Part 1 and 2 to Todd Sanders (MDAH) for tax credits.
  6. Walley had sent notices to the City Council/Mayor and appeared before the Board of Supervisors on September 3, 2013 to make sure they were aware of the change of CLG status.
  7. Professor Gonzalez-Tennant had to postpone his trip until next spring to document the Chinese Cemetery.
Old business
  1. MDOT (Yazoo city) E. Morgan, 662-746-2513 was contacted as who would be replacing city engineer Lorenzo Anderson in the Y&MV Depot Project. He felt Greg Claus, asst to the mayor and the mayor would be the LPA (Local Public Agency) official that would sign documents. Barry and Cary had met with the Depot Committee and Belinda Stewart and Eric Martin (project architect) and had input on their vision of the depot. Next meeting would be October 23 when 3 different designs would be presented, and probably combination of those designs would be chosen. Then it would go to the Greenville property committee and finally to the City Council for their approval.
  2. With input from Al Brock, it was decided to ask MDAH for clarification on what exactly the City needs to do to the ordinance that established the local historic district to get it back to CLG status and make it eligible for grants. As soon as Walley heard back from MDAH he would draft an outline and present it to the Mayor/City Council for their consideration.
  3. Walley had got a couple of estimates on signs for the district and is working with Manning Sign to draft up a proposal for the commission.
  4. Reviewed Bank Statement. Also Walley and Jessie had gone to Trustmark bank and transferred the signature cards and debit cards into Jessie Williamsís name. Also gave Jessie the key to the courthouse (#444).
  5. Lonnie Looper had been paid $350.00 for his work on the website (www.jgwchpc.com) and the addition of the new downtown district complete with Photoshopped images and also designated each property as C (contributing) or NC (non-contributing). Excellent job. Grant monies would replace those funds.
  6. Concerning the house at 435 South Main—still nothing done. Al Brock would check and make sure Mr. Pugh had not tried to contact him, and Walley would get back with Mr. Pugh to see if he still wanted to give the house to a non-profit so he could get some tax relief.
  7. Photo of 301 Washington was shown. The upstairs windows are almost all done. The other side of 301 had almost been completed and the insides had been cleaned out.
  8. Caleb Jones' building (old service station) at 531 was still in progress. A new roof had been put on and the roll up doors had been taken down and walls would replace them. Mr. Jones is moving forward without consideration of the tax credits. Al Brock mentioned that the Service Station across the intersection from 531, 604 Main Street which is a 3 bay service station roughly built in 1945 will get a new paint job from Greenville Main Street.
  9. The nomination of the Washington County Courthouse to the National Register had hit a snag because no floor plans could be located to document the courthouse, and the next review board for the National Register would be March 2014.

New Business

  1. Bill Gatlin (MDAH) conducted a public meeting in Hollandale October 7th at City Hall. The proposed downtown Hollandale historic district application to the National Register of Historic Places was presented by Bill for consideration by the local property owners. That application will be presented to the National Register review board November 21st 1 PM at MDAH in Jackson. Walley and Dell (and anybody else who wishes) were going. The owner of the City Drugs building commented on his desire to paint his building and Walley presented photos of that building. Walley also had contacted the Mississippi Arts Commission, Allison Winstead, (601-359-6546) to see if any grants were available, and the next round of grants would be March 1, 2014. She felt a mural depicting Hollandaleís history would be eligible for a mini-grant of $1,000.00. Walley also thought he could get Delta State University Art Department to consider doing the mural as a project next year and he would contact them. A letter of support of that nomination was sent to Bill Gatlin. Walley asked Lonnie Looper if he would also make plans to do the Hollandale Downtown Historic District addition to our website under National Register.
  2. The unveiling of the Mississippi Delta National Heritage Areaís Management Plan will take place at the Capps Center in Stoneville, November 6th (Wednesday), 11:00-1:00 with lunch served. RSVP to hkovarcik@deltastate.edu or 662-846-4311 before October 28th. Walley plans to go.
  3. Walley plans to resign from the commission and serve as the CLG coordinator and ask the commissions views on Benjy Nelken to serve on the commission. Benjy had agreed to serve, and there is not a more qualified person in Washington County. Walley will go before the Board of Supervisors and make the commissionís recommendation.
  4. Walley noted that the old Turner Hardware in Leland had been turned over for the establishment of a Natural History Museum.
— Minutes done by Walley Morse.
  Minutes – October 8, 2013