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Washington County Courthouse
December 10, 2013

  • 6:00 p.m. meeting called to order by Co-Chairman Barry Piltz
  • Roll call of commissioners: Walley Morse, Barry Piltz, Jessie Williams, Benjy Nelken and Cary Karlson, Leonard Williams, Dell Jones, Rebecca Goodman, and Netty Seard excused.
  • Recognized Guest: None
  • No Minutes from November 12, 2013
Old Business
  1. After collaborating with the City Council, Historic Preservation Commission, the Ordinance Committees and the Department of Economic Development, Walley sent on October 15, 2013 to the Department of Archives and (MDOT) the necessary changes to the ordinance. The use of the 2008 Ordinance was acceptable. We are waiting for an answers so that we may move forward and make our Historic District eligible for the CLG grants.
  2. The Commission needs to pursue the contact persons from MDOT and the Department of Archives until all questions and answers are cleared on the ordinances.
  3. Benjy Nelken was welcomed by the Commission, Barry and Walley reviewed the election procedures and bylaws with him.
  4. Walley did the application for the nomination of the Hound Dog Business District to the National Register with eighteen (18) buildings and the City Hall. There is also a person who will do the application for the Court House in Hollandale. The Commission paid him $850.00 and when he completes the task he will be paid the final $850.00
  5. Walley will be the go to person for answering questions that need clarification. However, all nine members will assist with responsibilities of the Commission.
  6. Barry gave an update on the signs for the Downtown, Residential and Hollandale Districts.
  7. Walley contacted Sure-Signs, B&B Signs and Manning Signs for proposals on prices. There is not yet a workable price decision. It was also stated that Brad Jones, who would place the signs in their stationary places could possibly also make the signs. Benjy said he would look into the matter. Payments will be made from the commission, who has the funds to get the work done.
  8. It was stated that the commission must be more forceful of solicitation for our CLG Grants
  9. Wally will still remain responsible for reporting on how the money is spent and the quarterly reports that are to be sent in each time period.
  10. Bank Statement reviewed.

New Business

  1. The commission is waiting on the feedback from the CLG grant update.
  2. Meeting adjourned until January 14, 2014
— Minutes done by Jessie Williams, Secretary.
  Minutes – December 10, 2013