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Washington County Courthouse
June 10, 2014

  • 6:00 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Roll Call of Commissioners: Walley Morse, Barry Piltz, Jessie Williams, Rebecca Goodman, Cary Karlson, Netty Seard were present. Leonard Williams, Benjy Nelken and Dell Jones were absent.
  • Recognized Guest: None
  • Review of Minutes May 13, 2014
Old Business
  1. The Commission was concerned about the status of the Joint commission and Walley said that there were many joint commissions functioning effectively in other cities and counties in other states. An example is South Carolina, where there were (12) twelve commissions. So there is such a thing as A Joint Commission whose job it is to work together and promote progress.
  2. It was suggested that we invite Jerry Hafter to our meetings to collaborate on actions that would enhance both the city and county’s historical future.
  3. Cary’s vision and goal is a workable Joint Commission for Greenville and Washington County.
  4. We need to work on getting our COG and CLG grants ready to complete our plans for the Depot.
  5. The Washington County Courthouse will become a part of the National Register on July 17, at 1:00 PM. We paid $1,700 for the application work on the Courthouse.
  6. The railroad has a right-of-way that had to be released in order for the project to be completed. Andy Alexander wrote the railroad, and we have waived the right of appraisal.
  7. Status on the PS & E plan that is required by MDOT.
  8. Update on a detailed plan for an estimation on all items to be used on the Depot.
  9. Barry will get a contract showing all information on the Depot needed for MDOT.
  10. Bank Statement was reviewed.

New Business

  1. The Commission is looking forward to working on and improving some signs that are already placed.
  2. Meeting adjourned until July 8, 2014
— Minutes done by Jessie Williams, Secretary.
  Minutes – June 10, 2014