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Washington County Courthouse
July 8, 2014

  • 6:00 p.m. meeting called to order
  • Roll Call of Commissioners: Benjy Nelken, Barry Piltz, Jessie Williams, Rebecca Goodman, and absent were Walley Morse, Dell Jones, Cary Karlson, Leonard Williams, and Netty Seard. Commission failed to have a Quorum with only 4 members in attendance.
  • Recognized Guest: None
  • Review of Minutes June 10, 2014.
Old Business
  1. In order to appease the Departments of Archives and Interior the status on the Historic Commission according to the Mayorís Office, is that the County Commission has all of their documents in place. It never was the County Commission but the City of Greenville has to adopt its own Ordinance and appoint its officers with Carlon Williams, City Planning Department, as the COG Coordinator. After this has taken place we can then continue to function as a Joint Commission with COG status.
  2. During the City Council meeting Cary asked that the ordinance be taken off the agenda because Jerry was going to oppose the establishment of the Joint Commission. Jerry didnít think that people appointed as county commissioners should have any say so of properties in the city. That is why the ordinance was pulled from the Councilís Agenda.
  3. The Commission suggested that some of the funds be taken out of its bank account and be used for the improvement and increase in size of the signs and poles that are not easily recognized. A CLG grant in 2015 could help pay for the signs.
  4. The Commission suggested that Cary ask the City Council to put the City Commission back on the agenda so that the City can start the process of passing the Ordinance and establishing the City Commission.
  5. Michelle Jones point of view is that if the Joint Commission works to ratify the Mount Holly House Preservation Project, we can then prove the liability of having a Joint Commission and begin to work on how a Declaration of a Landmark is accomplished. Benjy stated that any entity can apply for a Declaration of a landmark for a building, but it does not mean that it will be designated.
  6. The Railroad right-of-way was discussed by MDOT and Andy Alexander finding that the Railroad right-of-way went through the back side of that building. right-of-way of the railroad was inside the building. Benjy asked what was the outcome of the meeting? The attorneys for the railroad and Andy Alexander communicated that the railroad is written off where we stand. They are willing to give up their rights or move their right-of-way so that it will no longer stop the project. Information sent to MDOT was not satisfactory. MDOT needed some further additional right-of-way certification letter. The request for that has gone to the Joint City and County ownership of the building. It cannot go up for bid until all criterion has been met. It was suggested that we continue to send letters until the task is finished.
  7. Barry, Cary and Brad met at the Depot on a conference call about some specifics with Eric, the architect from MDOT. Barry asked Eric if he needed a cost breakdown on what was needed for the construction project? Eric sent a part of the detailed work to the City, William, Assistant to the Mayor, sent Barry the paper work and felt that it is probably not subject to change. There were two grants that will be used to complete the Project. Walley also asked for the architect fees. The trend is we use three bidders before finalizing the bid for a job.
  8. Rebecca wanted to know if there is a ceiling price for the project. Benjy said that we (or whoever is in charge) set the price.

New Business

  1. Commission is looking for clearance with the railroad right-of-way.
  2. Status on the bidders for the Depot project.
  3. Meeting adjourned until August 12, 2014
— Minutes done by Jessie Williams, Secretary.
  Minutes – July 8, 2014