Minutes – May 9, 2017   

Greenville Historic Preservation Commission
Greenville City Hall Council Chambers
May 9, 2017

  • 11:00 a.m. Meeting called to order.
  • Roll call of commisioners: Benjy Nelken, Barry Piltz, Mary Williams, Cary Karlson and Jessie Williams
  • Recognize guest: Walley Morse
Old Business
  1. Minutes from April 11, 2017 read and adopted
  2. Bank Statement Reviewed
  3. The meeting was turned over to Walley to share the good news about the progress of the Depot. He stated that the project is on target and should be completed by July 3rd. They will start painting and put up the sign on the outside within weeks. When he visits the site, there are about ten people working inside. Benjy asked about the roof? Walley answered that the architect sent in an under budget because we had over $400,000 needed for the grants from MDOT and $109,000 from MDAH. However the contractor’s estimate was $367,000, so there were some funds left. We talked about putting on a new roof. We do have to talk to MDAH and MDOT to go along with putting on a new roof. He stated that we are looking long term down the road. We can price the materials needed for the roof and possibly get an extension for about two more months.

    Walley stated that we could possibly use one of the rooms for storing materials that belonged to the GHPC. He also stated that the Commission should have a room in the building for its meetings according to the original plan. Benjy and I talked about placing a plaque at the front exterior entrance of the building. We are also looking for the most feasible price for the plaque. Walley said that there is a possibility that the City might pay for the plaque.

    A motion was made to pay no more than $1,000 for the plaque. The motion was carried. Walley asked Jessie if she brought her CLG grant pack to the meeting? She said no. He told her there was a mistake where it listed him as the project director. He is not the project director. Jessie said she will check to correct the mistake. Benjy asked about the process of finding answers to questions concerning who puts in the request for payments for the numbers on checks. The contractor does and passes it to the architect. Actually the contractor does all the paper work.

    Benjy asked Mary about the progress on the Sears project? She said her work is coming along and she is continuing to collect more photos.

New Business

  1. Work continues for the Bicentennial Celebration.
  2. Meeting adjourned until June 13, 2017
— Minutes done by Jessie Williams, Secretary.

  Minutes – May 9, 2017