But also for many, it is a time when you stop practicing sports. That is why we want to give some alternatives so that this does not happen.

The excess of food and drink and the lack of activity are constant in most vacations. Despite training throughout the year, many are those who take advantage of this period to rest. In the end, it is not bad, but it is not good to stop having physical activity.

On vacation, many are those who stop practicing sports. In order not to remain inactive, it is always advisable to carry out some activity that has fun and makes us work the body

It is true that, from time to time, it is necessary to let our muscles rest. But it is not advisable to stop practicing all activity. Let’s not forget that on holidays we usually overdo it with food and drink, and this can take its toll if we don’t get to work before it’s too late.

The beach is usually one of the favorite destinations at this time of year, and that is to deal with the heat with the freshness of this environment is something ideal. That is why we are going to propose some activities that can be carried out on the beach, and that will allow us to stay active while enjoying the holidays.

To stay active at this time of year, we must look for alternatives that have fun, and it is necessary that we take advantage of the water and sand of the beach to have the muscles in tune to return again after the holidays. 

With the activities on the beach, we will be able to maintain the muscle toning that we have achieved throughout the year, in addition to serving to keep the calories we are going to consume more in these days of relaxation. If we know what they are, it will be easier for us to carry out.

Beach volleyball to have fun and work our body in summer

In the first place, we are going to stop at an activity that we can carry out on the beach, and that is a classic, so much so that there are already plenty of spaces enabled to develop it. It’s about beach volleyball. It is an activity that can be carried out on the sand and for which a ball and a net will suffice.

Beach volleyball takes place in pairs or in teams and allows us to stay active while having fun. With this activity, we will work on the lower train. Let’s not forget that the sand on the beach will increase the resistance and with it the muscular work will be much greater when it comes to jumping, moving and running to hit the ball.

Beach volleyball will help us get the lower and upper train, while we enjoy more people with this activity

Let’s not forget that the upper train will also be affected by this   The arms directly affect the ball passes and therefore their work is high. To this, we must add coordination since it is important that we control our body at all times in order to properly give the ball. It goes without saying that volleyball will be a good aerobic exercise for the summer while we interact with other people.

Beach shovels, a classic for everyone on the beach

As a second alternative, we want to stop at another activity that we can carry out in a group on the sand of the beach. This is the shovels, with which we will play with another person and that, like volleyball, will help us stay active in summer while enjoying a moment of entertainment.

As with volleyball, playing paddles on the beach will represent a high exercise on the lower train, because of the resistance that sand poses to us. Therefore we will ensure that the leg muscles are in perfect condition during the summer. 

Beach shovels are a good way to have fun while fighting the resistance of beach sand 

The shovel will also help us to work the upper train since we must use our arms to give the ball. Let’s not forget also the coordination and the reflexes, that we will work with all this activity. In addition, the shovels will help us to consume calories and manage to keep the weight in perfect condition and ready to return to real life after the holidays.

Surfing, a good way to train the body and balance on the beach

As a third alternative, we will stop in a sport that we will develop in the water. In this case, we will highlight surfing. To carry out the activity it will be necessary to get a surfboard. With this sport, what we will do is work, above all, the lower body and the middle body.

This muscular work will be achieved by placing ourselves on the surfboard and trying to maintain the balance so as not to fall and be able to avoid the waves. It is important to note that by staying on the board we will be working the muscles of the legs and the core, and therefore it is a good activity to keep this part of the body toned.

Surfing is a very fun activity, which will help us to work the body balance and the strength of legs and core

Along with this, surfing will allow us to increase metabolic activity, because despite working the muscles when putting ourselves on the board, we will also activate the rest of the body parts when swimming from the shore with the board, inwards to catch the waves. Along with this, we must not forget that we will maintain balance and thereby improve the coordination of our entire body.

Swimming in the sea, a classic for good swimmers

Fourth we will stop at another activity that we can carry out in the water. It is a classic, swimming. Any person can carry it out, and it is one of the activities that put all parts of our body to work in full. Especially the lower and upper train when we move and overcome the resistance of water for it.

Along with this, let’s not forget that saltwater is a suitable means to practice swimming, since it will provide our body with mineral salts that will improve the state of the skin, in addition to making the buildup, the tension that accumulates in our body, decrease, Therefore, it is an activity that, in addition to helping us stay active, will help us eliminate tensions.

Swimming is a traditional aquatic activity that will keep us very active on vacation and eliminate tensions

Let’s not forget that seawater is not as calm as that of a pool. That is why it is necessary that when we go swimming in the sea, we are aware that we can be at greater risk than in calmer water. Therefore it is important that we be good swimmers and control the place where we are going to carry out this activity.

The TRX, a portable gym for vacations

Finally, we are going to stop at an activity that we can carry out anywhere, even if it is not on the beach. It’s about TRX. As we have seen on previous occasions, this activity is one of the best ways to stay active and get all the muscles of the body toned.

The TRX is a simple device consisting of two rope attached to a hook, and therefore it is easy to transport anywhere we go on vacation. Therefore it is a very good alternative to keep active when we do not have a gym nearby where we can train our whole body.

TRX is an activity that will allow us to work the whole body anywhere. It is light and very easy to transport

With this activity, we can work all parts of the body, since there are plenty of exercises indicated to train all the muscles of the body. The TRX has different levels of intensity, depending on the inclination we adopt when making each movement. Therefore it is important that we know perfectly how this device is used, in order to get the most out of the holidays.

It is true that there are many other activities that we can carry out on vacation, but in this post, we wanted to highlight the most affordable and closest in any destination to which we move. It will simply serve to encourage us to carry them out, either alone or in the company. This way we will get entertained and stay active on vacation.