We usually give you tips to be able to do sports on beach vacations. Also, the mountain is a suitable place to get fit while enjoying a few days off.

On this occasion, we want to stop at those people who decide that the mountain is their holiday destination. The possibilities in the mountains when it comes to staying active are many s, and that is why we are going to give you some examples of activities that we can do when we go to the mountain.

First of all, it is important that we repair that choosing the mountain as a destination is a good decision since we are in direct contact with nature. Therefore, the air is usually much purer, which we will notice when it comes to breathing better. In addition to being in an almost wild environment and away from the stress and noise of the city.

This fact makes the mountain a good place to forget about stress because it is usually a place with much fewer people than in most beach destinations we choose for this time of year. Therefore, if what we want is tranquility, this type of choice is the best we can do.

Do not forget that the mountain has many geographical features such as ravines, roads, caves, rivers, ponds … That is why there are many activities that we can carry out in enclaves like these. We want to review some of the most common and fun activities. Do not forget that in all of them we will remain active on vacation and thus we will be in the best possible way.

Hiking, a good activity to do with the whole family

As a first recommendation, we will stop in a simple and playful activity, in which the whole family can participate. It’s about hiking. It is an activity that perfectly combines aerobic work with the use of the lower and upper train. With this activity, we will activate the muscles of the legs, especially, and secondly those of the arms if we use sticks to facilitate the development of the route.

Let’s not forget that hiking is a simple and safe activity because all routes are marked and controlled. At no time do you walk along a path that has not been done before or in any case it develops in an unexplored or totally wild place? Therefore it is totally safe, measured and controlled, both in performance time and specific places to stop, take pictures…

Hiking will help us, above all, as we have said, to maintain toned muscles. We must not forget that since it is an aerobic activity, we will be activating the respiratory system and the circulatory system while we are walking. Above all, also highlight the interaction we will carry out with the environment on any hiking route. Something important that makes it an activity suitable for active holidays.

Zipline, a fun and exciting activity for the summer

Secondly, we are going to stop at an activity that we can do in certain places with uneven terrain and ravines. It’s about the zip line. We have already highlighted it on previous occasions as something to do in summer. The zip line is simply a high resistance cable that communicates one place with another and through which we throw ourselves with a gear and a mechanism that allows us to slide along the rope.

The zip line above all is a fun activity. It is true that the position, when placed on the harness, will force us to work on the entire middle area of ​​the body, since we must have this part contracted to maintain balance. This simple fact will be a good way to work the core and make it much stronger and stronger.

What we have to take into account is that most of the zip lines are in a natural place that we must reach by walking paths. This simple fact will make us perform a good aerobic and cardiac work since we will have to walk and thereby activate our body. Let’s not forget the direct contact with nature and the emotion that this type of activity implies for us.

The mountain bike, a good way to get to know the mountain spots

The bicycle is another activity that we can do in a mountain environment. In fact, there is a modality that is known as Mountain Bike. For this, we will use a special bicycle, with a larger and stronger wheel, and a more resistant bicycle that will allow us to move along mountain roads and paths.

This activity will help us stay active on vacation and thus perform the aerobic activity. For this, we will work on the entire lower train and the central part of the body. Let’s not forget that this exercise will help us increase metabolic speed and thereby burn calories. In addition to operating the respiratory and circulatory system.

It is an activity that we can do the whole family, and for which we must do with the correct equipment of bicycle, helmet … Do not forget that there are infinite routes for all types of people and physical requirements. Therefore, it can be suitable for holidays in any mountain place we go to.

Climbing, an activity for prepared people

Climbing is another activity that can be taken on vacation if we go to a mountain area. This activity is not as suitable for all people as the previous ones. It is important to keep in mind that it is necessary to have a good physical form and a previous preparation to be able to correctly carry out the activity without taking a risk with it.

There are plenty of spaces enabled for climbing. We do not have to go climbing on our own since the risk is greater. On the mountain, we will find routes that are already prepared to place our climbing equipment. Even for the less experienced in the matter, there are climbing walls in which the danger is very low at the time of launching to practice this activity.

Above all, we must highlight the muscular work that we are going to do with the climbing since it is necessary that all our muscles are in tension to keep us from the different support points when climbing the wall. For this reason, it is good that we go to practice this activity with some preparation or minimal muscle toning. 

Trekking, or cross-country walking without predefined routes

The mountain is a totally natural environment, and in many cases, this is the attraction for many of those who opt for this holiday environment. Therefore, trekking is one of the activities that are also usually carried out. It is a cross-country hike, but unlike hiking, in this case, cross-country is done, not on already set routes.

This activity, in addition to getting in direct contact with nature, what it does is start walking and do a good aerobic exercise in which we will also combine strength and dexterity of arms since we will need some sticks to help us move.

Above all, note that it is a complete and fun activity, but it is necessary to get the right equipment to carry out the development of it. Footwear, tools to move around the countryside and clothes, as well as bring water and food with us, will be essential to develop this activity in summer.

Various mountain water activities to do in rivers or swamps

Do not forget that in the mountains, depending on the place, there are places full of rivers and pools where we can develop different water activities. The descent of ravines in water can be one of them. We must be accompanied by good equipment and a guide. It is true that there are companies focused on descent routes that already have their default route and that will help us stay active.

In the pools, we can also practice swimming. Of course, we must always take care that it is a safe environment in which there are no currents or internal eddies that can endanger our health. Therefore it is better in this case, go to qualified and prepared areas, since they will be safe and we can practice swimming and put our whole body to work.

The descent in canoe or pedaling of a river is also other aquatic activities that we can develop in summer in the mountains. Above all, highlight the work that we are going to do with the whole body since to move we will need our strength of legs or arms to achieve it. These are activities that we can do on our own, but we will always recommend you to go to specialized centers and bounded areas, to avoid scares.

It is true that there are many more activities, and therefore we propose that in the comments of this post you tell us your favorites. We must simply take care that they are totally safe since we must not forget that the mountain is usually a wild environment that we do not control to the maximum, and that it can represent a danger in many chaoses, if we do not take the appropriate security measures.