Namely, the quality of life is excellent, the food can make you gain a few kilos in less time than you imagine, you will not find cheaper and richer seafood anywhere and the weather and temperature in summer are all that one may wish.

This last part, especially in the southernmost areas of Galicia is particularly real. The weather is good, but the temperatures are never extreme and the sun gives some days of truce to cool the atmosphere. 

This time is especially pleasant when we want to do outdoor sports. This, combined with the Galician landscapes, make this Community the ideal for running routes. We tell you what are the best routes of 10 kilometers or less to run in Galicia. 

Milladoiro – Monte Pedroso Skirt (O Milladoiro)

Located in the province of A Coruña, very close to Santiago de Compostela, this 6-kilometer route begins at O ​​Milladoiro and extends to the foot of Monte Pedroso, surrounding Santiago de Compostela on the outside. 

It is a route with moderate difficulty, with a maximum altitude of 271 meters and a minimum altitude of 156 meters. It is a beautiful route that, although it begins in a town, takes us to the foot of one of the most emblematic mountains of Santiago de Compostela. 

River Walk of the Landro River (Viveiro Landrover)

Viveiro Landrove, located in the province of Lugo, receives its name, precisely, from the Landro River that flows into the Viveiro estuary. Precisely this is the route that we will follow through the river walk, declared a Zone of Special Protection of Natural Values and prepared to host hiking or running. 

With an extension of about 8.41 kilometers, it is a circular route of easy difficulty. We can start in the recreational area of ​​Portochao or in the Variant Parking. We will find a maximum of 38 meters of altitude and a minimum of -3 meters, with areas that alternate the pavement and wood and a spectacular exposure to nature. 

Siradella Viewpoint (O Grove)

Near the Mirador del Monte Siradella, in O Grove, we find several routes for running or hiking, most of them circular and less than 10 kilometers. Some of them will make us go through Reboredo of A Lanzada, while others will take us into O Grove. 

Anyway, they are routes of moderate difficulty, especially suitable for nature lovers. Some of them, such as two Lagarteiros will allow us to visit up to two more viewpoints. We can start the route from the picnic area of ​​Mount Siradella or, directly, from the viewpoint. 

Chelo – Espenuca – Power Station (A Coruña) 

This route of 8 kilometers near the Sierra de la Cova da Serpe and very close to Betanzos takes us along a route halfway between the provinces of Lugo and A Coruña. Thus, we will start in Chelo, next to the Mondeo river, we will go to Espenuca, where we can stop at the lookout point if we wish , we will continue climbing up to the edge of the Zarzo hydroelectric power station and we will go back down the margin of the Mondeo river again to Chelo. 

It is a route with a moderate difficulty in which we reach 305 meters of maximum altitude and 7 meters of minimum altitude. In any case, the place is unrepeatable and worthwhile. We must remember to bring water since there are no sources on the route. 

Hermitage of the Virgin of A Lanzada to Playa de la Cruz (A Lanzada)

Again, a route brings us closer to O Grove and A Lanzada, but this non-circular route of 6.55 kilometers is well worth it. We will begin the route in the Hermitage of Our Lady of A Lanzada, to continue along the Castro, and cross the very long beach of A Lanzada, crossing its more than known wooden bridges to finally finish in Area da Cruz. 

The altitude on this route is not a problem, since it moves between 22 and 16 meters and, therefore, it is a fairly simple route to carry out. Of course, the landscape brings us closer to a beautiful area of ​​the Galician coast. 

Raxó – Monte Bouza (Poyo)

Located in the municipality of Poyo (Pontevedra), the parish of San Gregorio de Raxó hosts a beautiful circular route of moderate difficulty and that walks us along Mount Bouza. It is a relatively short route, about 5.68 kilometers, but with some difference in altitude.

Thus, the maximum altitude reaches 194 meters, while the lowest is 27 meters. We can start the route almost at sea level, between the beach of Fontemaior and the Enseada de Sinás, then go up the mountain of eucalyptus, crossing near Rego do Cruzeiro and going back down to the beaches of Raxó and Sinás until arriving At the starting point. 

Cabo de Home Lighthouse – Punta Robaleira Lighthouse (Cangas de Morrazo) 

In Cangas de Morrazo (Pontevedra) we find a circular route that allows us to pass through the Lighthouse of Cabo de Home, the Lighthouse of Punta Robaleira, the Lighthouse of Punta Sobrido in Cabo small and a long, etc., of wonderful views and interesting points in only 6.72 kilometers. 

We will leave near Costa da Vela to continue straight towards Cu do Lobo and continue to Cabo de Home. Then we will continue to Punta Robaleira, and continue along the path from Cabo de Home to Cabo Pequeno and continue along Punta Fusiño along the road again to the starting point. The views can only be considered spectacular.