The days are longer and the ideal temperatures to develop these activities. Therefore, in this post, we want to stop at ten tips to keep in mind when going hiking.

On previous occasions, we have talked about the differences that exist between hiking and trekking. Being hiking a more playful activity and suitable for all types of people. Therefore, with good weather, more and more of us are going to practice it in different places in our environment.

Follow the routes set for hiking and get to know them perfectly 

There are plenty of preset and well-calculated routes, both in the path to follow, and in the time it will take us to perform. It is not an activity that we will carry out at random, but it is a fully controlled sport that will help us to get in touch with nature without taking any risk.

Hiking is an activity that anyone can carry out, but we need to follow a series of tips to make it more bearable

In spite of everything, we need to take into account a series of precautions or tips to make the activity much more enjoyable and bearable. We must not forget that there are many routes, and therefore it is essential to adapt to these. For this, we are going to give a decalogue of tips that will help us achieve it.

The importance of planning the route well

In the first place, we will stop in the planning of the route. As we said, there are many alternatives that adapt to all tastes and desires. Therefore it is necessary that we never launch into an adventure. There is enough documentation of all the routes to know in advance the route that we are going to do.

The planning will help us to know the characteristics of the land, the time we will take to finish the route and the requirements that we will have along with it. In addition, we must not forget that planning a route will help us know the best places to see during the tour and thus not miss anything along the way.

Mark a route plan before leaving

Secondly, we must mark a route plan before leaving. This translates into knowing the time at which we are going to start the tour, the time it will take us to do it, the stops to eat … This planning will help us in determining if we are going to be one day or more. 

Planning the route to follow is essential before going for a walk, as well as following the stipulated and established routes

In the case of staying for more than one day, it is necessary that we identify the areas enabled to spend the night camping. It is necessary to plan it to avoid any complications or situations that escape from our hands. Do not forget that each route has its spaces enabled and rules that prevent us from doing what we want or move through areas not enabled for it.

Wear different layers of clothing to adapt to the weather at any time

Planning aside, which we have already commented on how important it is, it is necessary to stop at the clothing. Hiking normally develops in wild environments, forests, mountains … For this reason, the weather is changing, and more at this time of year. The same happens at different times of the day.

To be perfect throughout the day it is necessary that we use layers of clothing that we can take off or put on depending on the weather it is doing. The appropriate clothing for this activity is what allows us to sweat perspiration and keeps our body at a constant temperature. The same goes for technical fabric garments, detachable pants, light jackets …

Choose a good shoe, something totally essential for hiking

Footwear is a point to consider . Do not forget that for hiking we will use our feet and legs to move around, and therefore it is necessary that we choose the type of footwear to use. It is always recommended that they are hiking boots, which will help us move through any type of wild terrain.

Wearing appropriate clothes and shoes to walk in the countryside, are two points that we can not forget when hiking

The hiking boots can be of different characteristics since depending on the terrain in which we are going to develop, we will have to choose one type or another of boots. What is important is that we cover the ankle and protect this part to avoid sprains and false movements that can end in injury. In addition, it must be comfortable and insulating to avoid hurting the sole of the foot.

Use support canes to improve travel development

As the fifth piece of advice we want to give, we will stop in the use of support canes. The canes will help us to walk and have a place to lean on. Above all, they will be of great help is ups and downs, in which many times we can lose balance and total control of movements.

The canes will help us divert some of the tension that usually builds upon the knees and hips. These will help us to absorb much of the impact and greatly facilitate the journey. In addition, they are a good tool to remove branches and weeds from the path that can prevent us from correctly executing the exercise.

The backpack, a fundamental companion of any hiker

In the equipment we are going to use, we must not forget to take a backpack with us. This utensil will help us to keep all the documentation of the route, the clothes that we are taking off or putting on, the water, the food… It is important that it is a part of us next to the clothes and the footwear, and if it has better lumbar protection what better so that it stays more attached to our body throughout the route.

The use of canes and a backpack should be something usual for hiking. It will allow us to walk better and take food, drinks and other utensils with us

To make the backpack part of our clothing, it is necessary that we opt for ergonomic models that adapt perfectly to the back. That is light, with capacity and that allows perspiration on the back. Therefore it is necessary that we get special for hiking. These models usually have many compartments to store all the materials that we will take with us.

Always carry fluids to keep us hydrated

In seventh place, we will stop in the water or liquids that we are going to take with us and that will be necessary to maintain perfect hydration at all times. Carrying a bottle of water with us all the way is important and totally necessary when we go for a walk.

In the market, we can find countless alternatives that will help us carry   We can choose from a thermos bottle, which will keep the drink cold, to a lighter and lighter rubber that adapts to any place where we store it. Any alternative will be valid, as long as we stay hydrated and in perfect condition all the way.

Protecting ourselves from the sun is essential for hiking

The eighth piece of advice we want to give you is never to forget sun protection. Especially in these months when the heat is already beginning to be stronger. It is true that depending on the time of day, the sun will be stronger or less, but it is also necessary that we protect ourselves from its harmful effects. Using sunscreen total screen will be a good alternative to protect the skin.

Proper hydration and good sun protection is essential when hiking

It is important that we apply it before leaving home and during the tour, we have to replace it so that it continues to have the desired protective effect. Along with this, it is advisable to take a hat or cap with us to protect the head from the effect of the sun, as well as sunglasses that protect the eyes from sunlight.

Face the ups and downs in a zigzag to relieve tension

But we must not forget the technique when it comes to hiking. Therefore it is necessary that we bear in mind that when going up or down on slopes, we should never approach them head-on since the knees can be affected by this. All tension will be transferred to this part of the legs that is not good for the joints in question.

To prevent this from happening, it is necessary that both climbs and descents be carried out laterally. Zig-zag will be of great help. We will get the joints to load much less and at the same time, it will cost us much less displacement. If we add to this the help of the poles, we will achieve a better performance of the route.

Vary the foot support when walking to avoid unnecessary tensions

As a tenth tip, we want to stop in the supportive position of the foot when   Many times we can notice excessive tension in twins, knees, hips … This is because when we always step on it, we always move the load to the same place and run the risk of harming ourselves.

Vary the tread and make ascents and descents in zigzag, never in a straight way

To avoid this, what we recommend is to change the tread consciously. For example, it will be useful to lean your foot slightly to the side when resting it on the floor. This simple technique will help us to endure much more and prevent overload from being present and can end up in an injury.

It is true that when hiking there are many other recommendations, but we want this time to stop at this main and basic decalogue for all of us who want to practice this activity. Now we just have to go out to the countryside and enjoy the scenery and the routes that we have within our reach.