Trekking, in every season of the year, is an unmissable experience. Walking through nature you can breathe good air, keep fit, discover landscapes of incredible beauty. And Italy, with its beautiful mountains and its ancient streets, is the perfect place in which to engage in this activity in summer or during the skiing week. But if you decide to do it in winter, what is the perfect trekking clothing?

Whether you’re just starting out, or unlike veterans, you need to know how to dress to walk in the mountains in winter. Only by choosing the right clothes you can defend yourself from the cold, stay comfortable, avoid the ailments caused by stagnant sweat and trek safely.

Why perfect trekking clothing is important

If you are planning a skiing holiday or preparing to spend the Ponte dell’Immacolata in northern Italy, pay attention to what you pack. The perfect winter trekking clothing does not leave out any details, to avoid spending your holidays in the mountains in bed with the flu. The body, in fact, needs to keep its temperature constant: it needs to stay warm, but also to breathe. It must be safe, comfortable.

So it is necessary to prepare yourself at best, for a walk in the mountains when the temperature is typical of the coldest months. And, although there is no standard set of clothing, there are useful tips for mountain clothing in winter.

How to dress for trekking in winter?

First of all, you need to take care of the most exposed parts: the head and hands. Although thinking about trekking clothing you focus more on jackets and shoes, these are extremely delicate parts that need to be protected with care. The head, above all, being the most exposed to the cold, needs special attention. The best choice is that of a balaclava, which can also protect the mouth and cheeks; if we do not have one available, you can use the hood of the jacket, tightening it well under the chin.

The hands, then, require even greater care. We need them to support us in the steepest stretches, to support any sticks and rods, to take pictures: here then, defending them from the cold, becomes essential. How? By choosing knobs or muffles (the most suitable model to protect yourself) or by putting silk gloves under a pair of technical gloves so that, even if you remove the seconds, the ends remain protected. It is very important that the hands and face are always well hydrated, so it is necessary to buy a good cream for dry skin.

Finally, to choose how to dress to walk in the mountains in winter, you can not ignore the feet: you need to buy waterproof technical boots, which keep the temperature constant, and then combine it with a good pair of thermal socks. Not to mention a comfortable trekking backpack to keep everything you need for your excursions.

Winter hiking

The winning choice? Dressing up as an onion

The winter trekking clothing must be designed for a so-called “onion” clothing. Because, every trekker knows, it is only by using several garments of different materials that you can meet the needs of your body and avoid stagnation of sweat.

So, to walk in the mountains during the coldest months, you should dress with three layers:

  • The first layer has the function of conveying sweat away from the body, and it is advisable to make it with underwear and a hydrophobic T-shirt;
  • the second layer must consist of a pile – with water-repellent and insulating properties – and tights;
  • the third layer must protect against the elements, and therefore consist of technical trousers and a high-performance windbreaker.

Only in this way, by dressing like an onion, is it possible to face – in all comfort and safety – a walk in the mountains, even when the thermometer is close to zero.